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Quitting smoking: The benefits aren’t just physical

There’s a reason why quitting smoking is one of the most commonly recommended preventive health tips: Frequent smoking can increase risk for heart disease and stroke by up to four times and lung cancer by up to 25 times. In…

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Are you afraid to quit smoking because of weight gain? You’re not alone. I’m scared too.

I just quit smoking. Again. Nearly three weeks ago. While I’ve definitely cut down over the years, going from over a pack a day to less than a half, the idea of truly quitting has always left me feeling anxious. Why?…

How to Make Healthy and SMART Goals for 2012

Here we are starting another new year! This is the most popular time for motivation to change or revamp our lifestyles. This is also a great time to revisit our health and wellness habits and see what can be done…



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