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Find Your Focus: Meditation Centers in Michigan

With the change in weather, you may want to turn to your local meditation center or even an app. Meditation is a centuries-old practice that uses techniques like mindfulness and effortless presence to promote wellness in both your mind and…

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Feeling Stressed, Inflexible or Less Strong Than You’d Like? Try This Form of Martial Arts

When you hear the phrase “martial arts,” you probably picture a scene from a Bruce Lee movie where he single-handedly deals with a room full of bad guys and comes out victorious. But there’s one form of martial arts that…


The Healthy Habit Probably Missing From Your Day

You know you should exercise regularly and eat nutritious meals every day, but there’s one healthy routine you may not know you need in your life: one that focuses on your mental wellness. Regularly caring for your mind can have…

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Stay stress-free in the New Year

Tips for managing stress in the New Year

Identifying what causes your stress is the first step in managing it. One helpful tool I recommend is starting a stress journal. Ask questions like: What caused the stress? How did you feel physically and emotionally? How did you react…

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Say “Ommm” to your workday: Three easy yoga poses to relieve stress in the workplace

When you think about work, what’s the first word that comes to mind? For many of us, it’s “stress”. No matter if you love your job or not, the pressures of work can be overwhelming and cause an influx of…

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