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Quinoa gets transformed into comfort food

In the midst of one of the snowiest and coldest winters we have had in Michigan in many years, I can’t stop craving comfort food. Unfortunately, eating my go-to feel-good dishes like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and fried chicken…


Cooking mistakes you might be making

Cooking mistakes that might cause weight gain

Trying to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle can be a frustrating endeavor for some individuals. One can eat healthier, exercise, and minimize eating out at restaurants, but still be unable to lose the desired amount of weight. Instead…


Lighter versions of favorite Thanksgiving sides

Sure, Thanksgiving is about family and football, but the real star is the food. Unfortunately, those treasured recipes that most of us make can add up to some button-busting calorie and fat consumption. Now ready for some good news? Healthy…



How to have a gluten-free Thanksgiving

Though going gluten-free has created a bit of the ‘fad’ buzz, there are a large number of individuals with whom eating gluten can cause serious health issues. With the Thanksgiving holiday just a few days away, it can be difficult…


Bye bye fresh tomatoes: Green tomato spice cake recipe

With the recent freeze warnings we know the bulk of our growing season is coming to a close.  Most of us hate to see fresh tomato season come to an end with no more Saturday mornings at the farmers market…


Meet our favorite Michigan apples!

Apple orchards across Michigan opened in September, making fall the prime time for apple picking! We all know and love Red Delicious from brownbag school lunches, and Honeycrisps have become a popular, sweet snack across the state.  But how familiar are you…



Beet lemonade from Terra GR

Michigan weather is as indecisive as they come. After a great deal of Fall-like weather, 80-degree temperatures have finally resurfaced. Terra GR, rebranded from Trillium Haven restaurant, has put a unique, and delicious, spin on the traditional summer staple—lemonade. With…


Vegetarian tailgate recipes

Fall has arrived, which means it’s officially football season in Michigan. Whether you’re wearing Blue and Maize or Green and White, we know Michiganders know how to tailgate. And in keeping with tradition, we’ve got some twists on the classics…


Terra GR emphasizes farm-to-table with dishes like the Gazelle Salad (with recipe)

What was formally Trillium Haven has recently been rebranded and relaunched in the same space in the Eastown neighborhood of Grand Rapids as Terra GR. The restaurant promises to continue its focus on local, sustainable, and ethnically raised ingredients; and…





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