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The Pursuit of Healthiness – David’s Six Month Recap

Okay. Summer is over. Time to punch back in! It has been six months since we began the Pursuit of Healthiness and I am happy to share that my state of health has improved significantly. Or at least that is…

Living with someone who lives with depression

The following is continuing series for Mental Health Month. There isn’t a play book when it comes to Mental Illness. This disease is different with each person. It fluctuates with microscopic changes that can occur daily and even hourly making management difficult….

Mental Health

The pursuit of healthiness: 300 workouts in one year

Lisa, 43, is a wife and mom of four. The Oak Park resident works five days a week and spends her afternoons picking kids up from 2 different schools and from various sports and clubs.  In addition to Jazzercise, she…

Healthy Community

The pursuit of healthiness: A chat with MLive

By the end of January, most people have abandoned their well-intentioned New Year’s Resolutions.  Maybe your goals were too lofty or maybe life just got in the way.  Or maybe, you just needed to hear from someone who has struggled…