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10K Steps Challenge participant walks over 150 miles since January

Participating in the 10K Steps Challenge leading up to the Fifth Third Bank River run is a structured way for beginners and experienced participants alike to stick to a training schedule and stay motivated. Once participants sign up for the…


BCN employee creates her own ‘runner’s high’

The idea behind a ‘runner’s high’ never made much sense to me. Personally, I’m not a runner, and I hate that form of exercise. What I have come to appreciate, however, is the benefit behind running, being a part of…


8 things I learned from my holiday run streak

Well, I did it. But I don’t think I’m really “done.” I’m referring to the holiday running streak, which I wrote about back in November; a pledge to run at least one mile every day from Thanksgiving Day through New…



Blue Care Network supports Fifth Third River Bank Run and 10,000 Steps Challenge

Hard to believe how fast the Fifth Third River Bank Run is approaching us, but the kick off is merely days away. Though the race itself takes place in May, there are a number of opportunities, beginning the this week,…


Fearful of the coming holiday gluttony? Why not try a running streak?

Update: 8 things I learned from my holiday run streak If my math is correct, this year there are 35 days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day — a period defined by the terrifying gluttony of rich holiday meals, office parties…


It’s time to proclaim “I am worth it!”

“I AM worth it!” It’s such a profound statement, I can’t say it without getting a little choked up. I have not always believed those four words.  Over half my life I truly felt as though other people were “worth…



5K’s to marathons: Your guide to September races in Michigan

Need a little push to keep up a running routine? All you need is a goal worth running toward! Instead of thinking I want to lose 10 pounds, re-train your brain to say I’m going to finish this race to…



Do calories still count if nobody sees me eating them?

A few days earlier at the gym this week I overheard a phone conversation that many dieting men and women have found themselves in at one point. The phone conversation that I happened to overhear went something like this: “Um,…


It’s never too late to ‘Just Do It’

“Just Do It.” A a slogan most of us are familiar with, and understandably so. These three words have been a trademark of Nike Inc. since 1988, which means we’ve either seen or heard the slogan for 25 years. Supposedly the first instance…





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