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Start a New, Healthier Thanksgiving Tradition

Sure it’s a holiday that’s all about family and food, but what if you devoted a little bit of Thanksgiving to fitness as well? Thanks to turkey trots around the state, it couldn’t be easier to sneak some exercise into…


Get Support from Others for Your Breast Cancer Fight

More than 8,000 women get diagnosed with invasive breast cancer every year in Michigan. And while Breast Cancer Awareness Month does a great job of raising money for research and celebrating survivors, sometimes those actively fighting the disease can slip…

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Michigan’s Best Apple Orchards and Pumpkin Patches

‘Tis the season for apple picking and pumpkin carving! And here in Michigan, we’re in luck because we’re surrounded by amazing orchards and pumpkin patches. There are too many to list, but below are a few of our favorite go-to…

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The Best Healthy Meet-Ups Across Michigan

Finding motivation to work out on your own can be a daunting task. But get others involved and physical activity can get transformed into a task you look forward to daily. Accordingly to a study published in the International Journal…


The Family Guide to Affordable Activities Across Michigan

Michigan has one of the best summers in the United States, but sometimes it can feel impossible to take a family out without spending a fortune on tickets, food and transportation. Before you break open your piggy bank, check out…

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Get out and explore Michigan’s fitness-friendly destinations

There is nothing quite like being active in the great outdoors to rejuvenate your mind and body. But sometimes a simple run around the block or bike ride through town might not excite you. For those seeking more adventurous outdoor…



50 reasons why Michigan is foodie paradise

Michigan is one of the culinary capitals of the United States. Surprised? You shouldn’t be! Here are 50 reasons why our state is the best state for great food and drink: Grand Rapids was named Lonely Planet’s top travel destination…

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Which #GoRedForWomen events across Michigan are you participating in?

As we move into February, the color red, hearts, Valentine’s Day, and love surround us. You can’t go anywhere the entire month without being reminded of love and hearts. Perhaps it’s fitting that February is also American Heart Month, and…

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Michigan’s 177th Birthday: 177 things to love about the Mitten State

“If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.” Looking as beautiful as ever, our great mitten-shaped state is turning 177 this year. As the tenth largest state in the union, there are plenty of ways to show your love…

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