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Newberry Teen Takes Third in National Punt, Pass & Kick Competition

At 13, Katie Rahilly possesses a maturity that many adults could learn from. “I have goals for everything and they change every day,” the 7th-grader said when asked about her approach to practicing for the various sports she’s involved in….

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The Key to Fit Kids? A Little Healthy Competition

It can be tough to get kids excited about being active or eating healthy foods (yay, broccoli!). But one easy way to get kids more into staying fit is to involve a little healthy family competition! Here’s how it works:…

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Quick outdoor activities for kids

5 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Play Outside

When the temperature drops, your kids might want to spend all their time warm and in front of the TV or computer. But doing so will only make it harder for them to rack up their 60 minutes of physical…

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Warning: Chances Are, Your Kid Eats Too Much Sodium

Most people are fully aware that high-sodium diets can lead to increased blood pressure in adults. But did you know that children also suffer similar health issues when they eat too much salt? And unfortunately, most do. According to a recent study, nine…

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When is it Safe for Kids to Start Strength Training?

Getting children active early is an important step in setting the tone for a long, healthy lifestyle. But beyond ensuring your child gets enough physical activity, parents may be wondering about another issue: When is the right time to start strength…


How cold is too cold for kids to play outside

With the Polar Vortex sweeping across the Midwest for the second time in less than a month, it can feel like winter is forcing us Michiganders to hibernate until March. For those with children, the winter months bring a whole…

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Make fitness a game kids will play on their own

Nearly one in three 10- to 17-year-olds in Michigan are overweight or obese, enough kids to fill Ford Field to full capacity almost seven times.  Though it’s easy to place full responsibility on parents, they can only do so much. …

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Prevent Diabetes by Making Kids Love to Exercise

Diabetes is no longer just a problem for adults. The disease is being diagnosed in children with even greater frequency today than ever before, and is now considered to be one of the most common chronic diseases in children and adolescents. When…


Your child and concussions

With football and many other athletic seasons in full force, parents should be aware of all of the injury risk factors, especially those to the head. As college and professional sports put a greater emphasis on concussion prevention, protection, and…

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