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Donating Coats to Charity? Read this First

The giving season is upon us and with winter just around the corner, you might be thinking about digging through your closet for coats you and your family don’t wear anymore to give away. We asked Cecile Matthews, Operations Manager…

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The Magic of Northern Michigan’s Dark Sky Park

To look up at a star-filled night sky is to wonder and dream. For people living in urban or light-polluted areas, the experience can be less than wondrous, with many stars and other celestial bodies hidden from view. If your…

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#MIKidsCan Catch: Motivational Quotes from Football’s Best

The magic of the football locker room pep talk is cinematic gold. You’ve seen it time and time again. Players walk in dejectedly and a charged-up coach lights a fire and sends the would-be losers back onto the field. Cue…

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At Equest Center, Horses are Therapeutic

Having a son diagnosed with autism changed Kathy Ryan’s perception of what being a mom would be like. Ryan tried a lot of different programs to help her son with sensory processing issues, but couldn’t find a good fit for…

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“Superhuman” Jim Dreyer Ready for Next Aquatic Feat of Strength

Even though he’s recovering from a rotator cuff injury, Michigan native Jim Dreyer is set to attempt what’s arguably his most strenuous feat of strength to date. On Saturday, Aug. 15, Dreyer will pull a new Lincoln MKC on a…


7 Slow-Cooker Recipes Perfect for Summer Nights

With temperatures soaring, the last thing you might think to reach for in your kitchen would be the slow-cooker. That’s for heavy, stick-to-your-ribs comfort food in the winter, right? Doing a little morning (or night before) prep, throwing it in…


If You Miss the Man, You Owe it to Yourself to See ‘Ernie’

Admit it. You miss him. You miss his enthusiasm, his grace, his stories, his voice. You miss the phrases that rolled off his tongue for four decades of summers – “Looooong gone!” and “He stood there like the house by…

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Take it Outside: 5 Tips to Step Up Your Outdoor Workout

Hiding out in a gym to get your sweat session in? Break free from treadmill drudgery and gather inspiration from your natural surroundings! Cari Draft owns EcoTrek Fitness, which offers outdoor fitness classes throughout West Michigan. “Anything you can do…


Tired of Lifting Weights? Try Calisthenics

  Let’s face it: consistently working out is hard. Only 18 percent of Americans reach the recommended level of cardiovascular and muscle-strengthening activity in a week. As if consistency wasn’t hard enough, people like me can be intimidated by heavy…