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Michigan hospitals lead nation in CA-UTI reduction

Michigan hospitals reduced catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CA-UTIs) by 25 percent, compared to a 6 percent reduction experienced by hospitals in the remainder of the country, according to a study released today in the Journal of the American Medical Association…

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‘Flesh-Eating’ Bacteria Isn’t Uncommon, Yet Incidences Rare, University of Michigan Expert Says

Concern over flesh-eating bacterium is not something new — remember MRSA? But in 2012, its hype seems to have receded. Prior to a couple weeks ago, I really didn’t know or remember much about it at all. Then I heard Aimee Copeland’s story. After suffering a…

MHA Keystone Initiative Saves Lives of Older Patients in Michigan Hospitals

This guest post is by Sam R. Watson, senior vice president, Patient Safety and Quality at the Michigan Health & Hospital Association and executive director of the MHA Keystone Center for Patient Safety & Quality. Last week, the British Medical…

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