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Easy Gift Ideas for Last-Minute Shoppers

During this time of year there are plenty of people who are guilty of being last minute shoppers. In fact, the National Retail Foundation reported just last week that 90 percent of shoppers still had gifts or holiday items left to…

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Jack and Alec

Autism Doesn’t Take a Holiday: Tips for Helping Kids Cope this Season

Both of Jennifer Hayden’s sons were diagnosed with autism when they were still toddlers. She was reluctant to believe the diagnosis with her firstborn, Jack, now ten. Knowing the signs with Alec, now eight, helped her better navigate the diagnosis…

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14 Merry Ways to Have Yourself a Northern Michigan Holiday

Whether you live in northern Michigan or plan to head there to enjoy a little more snow this season, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this fun and festive time of year! Here’s a look at some of the…

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Stay Active Through the Seasons

Like it or not, winter is right around the corner. Even though the weather is turning cold, the change in seasons is a great time to think about your fitness and health goals. In addition to enhancing or changing up…


Keep Your Pets Healthy and Happy During the Holidays

Your focus may be on family and friends this time of year, but be sure to spend some time ensuring that the animals in your life are safe and sound as well. The holidays bring lots of changes in routine and environment, which…

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4 Must-Try Nontraditional Thanksgiving Dishes

Turkey has been a staple of Thanksgiving dinner for hundreds of years, but the meals have come a long way since the 1600s when wildfowl, porridge and venison were served. Today, dishes such as cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and…


10 Easy Holiday Crafts to Help You De-Stress and Celebrate in Style

Feeling the pressure to have a Pinterest-worthy holiday this year? If you’re about to get your craft on, you can take heart that engaging in simple, do-it-yourself art projects might be beneficial to your health. Research shows that activities that…

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Save money all holiday season long

9 Must-Have Apps to Save Money All Season Long

November and December are full of some really great things: festive gatherings, holiday recipes and the chance to shower your loved ones with the perfect gifts. But it comes at a price. In fact, the average American will spend more…

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The average American puts on 50% of their yearly weight gain during the holidays. Will you?

It’s no secret that the holiday season is a tough time of year for people looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In fact, the average American puts on one pound during the holidays, or 50% of their yearly weight gain.  And…