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Festive and Healthy: Holiday Cookies Go From Naughty to Nice

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without traditional Christmas treats, and cookies always seem to be at the top of people’s lists. Unfortunately, going overboard on sweets can lead to a few extra pounds by the time the new year…


A festive favorite: Healthy recipes starring peppermint

One of the most delicious seasonal flavors also belongs soundly on the nutritional “nice” list. As we mentioned earlier, peppermint has been found to soothe stomach problems and curb your appetite. In a recent study, people who smelled peppermint oil…


Our holiday recipe favorites: pretzel peppermint bark

Holiday treats and sweets happen to juxtapose themselves into one of my favorite things, yet one of my biggest enemies of the holiday season.  Nevertheless, peppermint bark sneaks by any guilt I might have and wins every year.  Scrolling through…


These Scandinavian slaw-style side salads are easy, tasty, healthy and fresh

In my family, Christmastime means Swedish food. Our gatherings feature plenty of hearty and heavily spiced fare — like pickled herring, meatballs and plenty of butter — but until recently, not much in the way of vegetables or other healthy…


Enjoying a gluten-free Thanksgiving: Side dishes

Thanksgiving is upon us and for those of us who live with food allergies or intolerances, the Holidays can be stressful and disappointing. We worry about getting sick from an ingredient (or two or three) that we can’t have or…