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Mango-Peach Workout Recovery Smoothie Recipe {VIDEO}

We know that what you eat prior to and immediately after working out is an often-overlooked, yet essential component of any efficient exercise program. The minutes and hours following an intense workout are critical to replenishing our glycogen energy stores, providing…


Trying to Eat Less Meat? 10 Veggie Dishes for Carnivores

If one of your health goals is to eat less meat, you’ll be happy to know that endless days of salads don’t have to be your future. Nothing against salads, but sometimes you need something a little heartier and filling,…


Stop adding calories to your food. Add flavor instead!

Flavor can be a huge deterrent when trying to eat cleaner, healthier and simpler meals. I can attest to this, as I always feel like I want to add a dipping sauce or something to my dish. However, acting on…


Quinoa gets transformed into comfort food

In the midst of one of the snowiest and coldest winters we have had in Michigan in many years, I can’t stop craving comfort food. Unfortunately, eating my go-to feel-good dishes like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and fried chicken…


5 foods to break up with (and 5 to fall in love with!)

When it comes to ridding your diet of candy bars and potato chips, breaking up can be hard to do. But ask any nutrition expert and they’ll say it’s for the best to move on and find something new. Unfortunately,…


5 reasons to use citrus to brighten up your winter diet

Mouthwatering fruits are typically thought of as a spring and summer staple (just think of all those juicy berries and peaches you find at farmer’s markets!), but some citrus is actually at its peak right now. Grapefruit, for example, make…


Cooking mistakes you might be making

Cooking mistakes that might cause weight gain

Trying to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle can be a frustrating endeavor for some individuals. One can eat healthier, exercise, and minimize eating out at restaurants, but still be unable to lose the desired amount of weight. Instead…


Modern holiday breakfast: Marmalade French Toast Casserole

With wrapping paper spread across the family room floor and exciting new toys and gadgets to play with, who has time to think about a healthy Christmas morning breakfast? Instead of scrambling to keep stomachs full, plan ahead the night…


A festive favorite: Healthy recipes starring peppermint

One of the most delicious seasonal flavors also belongs soundly on the nutritional “nice” list. As we mentioned earlier, peppermint has been found to soothe stomach problems and curb your appetite. In a recent study, people who smelled peppermint oil…