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The Insider’s Guide to the Best Biking Near Traverse City

Traverse City is a biking paradise, with miles upon miles of roads and trails worth exploring. We asked Tim Brick, owner of popular local bike shop, Brick Wheels, for his top picks for where to go when you’re in town….


Youth Summit Encourages Teens to Rise Above the Influence

“No dream is too crazy.” “Keep your head up high.” “Never be afraid to follow your dreams.” The messages of encouragement were scrawled on bobbing, swaying balloons corralled into a giant net. Teens in attendance at the fourth annual Above…

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After Weight Loss, Riverbank Run is Next Challenge to Conquer

For endurance runners, race day is the final chapter to a long story of training runs and hard work. This Saturday, 24-year-old Ashley Fredricks will join thousands of other participants to run her first Riverbank Run 25K. Her race story…



Volunteers Make Holland’s Tulip Time Festival Bloom

The beautiful blooms, authentic Dutch costumes and dances, parades and more are what attract people to Holland, Michigan’s Tulip Time Festival every year. To put on a top-rated festival of its size, Tulip Time organizers rely on a huge army…

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Wear Your Conscience: 5 Michigan Shops to “Green” Up Your Wardrobe

If you’re striving to embrace a more natural lifestyle by eating organic and choosing green commuting options, you might want to take stock of your closet while you’re at it. Clothing made from sustainable materials with fair harvesting and manufacturing…

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How To Make a Vision Board (And Why You Should!)

Creating a vision board helps you see the future of your dreams. A dream or vision board is made by cutting images and motivational phrases out of magazines and gluing them to a poster board. You can also go digital…

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Stressed? Get Organized and Relax

Living in chaos can create stress. Whether you’re beleaguered by clutter, disorganized with your schedule, or carrying excess emotional baggage, disorder can make you feel frazzled and deprive you of your sanity. According to the Mayo Clinic, “stress is a…

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#MIKidsCan: Curling Superstar Shares Positive Message with Traverse City Students

Pursuing a sport she loved as a youth didn’t always make Debbie McCormick popular. The four-time Olympic curler was teased because curling wasn’t considered a mainstream sport when she was growing up in Madison, Wisconsin. “I’m so glad that I…

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Olympian Debbie McCormick Shares Her Curling Secrets

Editor’s Note: We asked Debbie McCormick, an Olympic-level curler, to share some of her thoughts about the sport she loves. McCormick will be competing in the upcoming Traverse City Curling Club’s (TCCC) Cherry Bombspiel tournament, which begins April 24. Blue…