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Traverse City Canstruction Event Builds Food Supply for Pantry

A magical castle will be erected this weekend inside the Grand Traverse Mall. It’s not enchanted or home to a fire-breathing dragon, but what it will do for many Traverse City-area residents is powerful: it will feed them. The castle…

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Trend Alert: Bone Broth—4 Tips From a Broth Master

There’s nothing better to warm your soul on a cold Michigan day than a cup of … bone broth? Foodies, Paleo diet adherents, and local food advocates are latching on to – and ladling up – this hot new healthy…


5 Superfood Pairings That Work Better Together

You can probably name a few superfoods off the top of your head: apples, salmon, even coffee. But as great as superfoods are alone, did you know they can be even more powerful when paired? Combining foods with certain vitamins and…



The Budget-Friendly Guide to Healthy Tailgating

What’s not to love about tailgating—you and friends eating delicious food and cheering your team on to victory. But too much pizza, chicken wings, and brats may not only add to your waistline, it can also add up in your…


How to ace your #HealthyMe goal to eat healthier

Have you set your #HealthyMe goal but finding it tough to stay on track? You aren’t alone. It’s hard to accomplish your healthy goals (according to Forbes, only eight percent of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions every year)….


Are you eating for two?

Pregnant and nursing moms hear it all the time, “It’s okay to eat this because you are eating for two.”  I can’t tell you how many times I am encouraged to eat pizza, cake, ice cream, or really any other…



Want fresh fruits and veggies? Grow them yourself!

Dirty fresh food can hinder your quest to eat healthier and it seems like contamination outbreaks are happening more often, but now that the weather is breaking in Michigan, this is the perfect time to start growing your own food! The…


5 healthy habits of naturally slim people

It can seem like some people are born thin and willowy while others are forced to struggle with their weight their whole lives. If you wish you were in the former group, know that while some of it is genetics,…


What is whole grain?

Whole grain. It’s one of those healthy buzz words plastered on food labels everywhere to make the food you eat more appealing. But studies have shown the consumption of whole grain foods, versus those with refined grains, can provide a…