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Pregnant? Ideas for What to Eat and Drink Instead of the Stuff You’re Not Supposed To

It’s kind of cruel, really. When you’re pregnant, there’s an expectation you’re going to eat more, but a lot of stuff you really love is now off-limits. Before you feel completely deprived, there are a number of ways to still…


From the Bog: A Look Inside the Michigan Cranberry Company

While Michigan isn’t known as a powerhouse cranberry producer, the “state’s climate, soil, water availability, and processing infrastructure” could certainly support growth in the industry, according to a report from Michigan State University. The Healthier Michigan team recently toured the Michigan…


Embrace the Season with Natural Scents for your Home

With the beauty of the indigenous produce from around the state, Michigan fruits, spices, and herbs can help eliminate smelly odors from your kitchen, bathroom or living space, without much effort. Here are a few of the best remedies to…

“Let’s Talk Health” Event Coming to Southwest Detroit Oct. 3

There’s always something going on in Detroit and this weekend is no exception. This Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015, Western International High School will double as a hub for all things healthy in the heart of southwest Detroit. Blue Cross Blue Shield…

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Make Movie Night Healthier with Stove Top Popcorn

Besides being an essential part of the movie watching experience, popcorn can also be a healthy snack. Although it’s easy to just throw a popcorn bag in the microwave, stove top popcorn is a healthy alternative that can be just as easy and delicious….


Make Healthy Ranch at Home in Minutes!

Is ranch dressing your guilty pleasure? If so, I have good news for you: it doesn’t have to make you feel guilty anymore. If you’re that person at the dining table who bathes your salads, wings or almost anything you…


10 Sensational Summer Dinner Salads

If you’re trying to eat more veggies, salads are one of the easiest dishes to incorporate into your routine. Still, a plate of greens and some dressing leaves a little to be desired, especially when you’re really hungry. We found…


Take Your Kids Foraging and Make Easy Sumac “Lemonade”

There’s no better place on earth in summer than “Pure Michigan”. Summer vacation is a time to load the car and head to the lakeshore – bikes tied to the back and sandals in tow. The great thing about our…


Expert Juicing and Smoothie-Making Tips from Malamiah Juice Bar

How many fruits and vegetables do you eat in a day? If you’re like many Americans, the number is dismal. Michiganders report that they consume about one serving of fruit and one and a half servings of vegetables on average…