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Trend Alert: Bone Broth—4 Tips From a Broth Master

There’s nothing better to warm your soul on a cold Michigan day than a cup of … bone broth? Foodies, Paleo diet adherents, and local food advocates are latching on to – and ladling up – this hot new healthy…


This made in West Michigan app makes health tracking “Abriiz”

Constant conversation occurs over the benefits of tracking your health, especially in the form of diet and exercise. On top of those two key components of a healthy lifestyle, tracking chronic conditions is essential in providing a well-rounded picture of…


LaughFest clean comedians chuckle for good health

LaughFest 2014 is here. The 10-day festival kicks off this Thursday, March 6th in Grand Rapids. This year, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is sponsoring the Clean Comedy Showcase series. A two-day comedic set, the Clean Comedy Showcase offers…

Cancer Awareness

Grand Rapids bids on dates for cystic fibrosis awareness

Cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening genetic disorder, affects over 30,000 children and adults in the United States alone. The chronic disorder causes thick, sticky mucus to clog the lungs and cause lung infections, obstructs the pancreas, and prevents the body from…

Healthy Community

Doorganics expands service to West Michigan lakeshore

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Organic food. It sounds like the beginning of a lame joke, but it’s a reality for an ever-growing number of West Michigan residents. Doorganics, an organic food delivery service that brings local, sustainable products to your doorstep…


New study links poor sleep to cancer cell growth

This blog post is part of #HealthyMe, a personalized web experience based on your health and wellness goals. To sign up today, visit http://www.ahealthiermichigan.org/healthyme   Catching some sleep can be more difficult than it seems, especially when you factor in work responsibilities, family and stress….

Cancer Awareness

Which #GoRedForWomen events across Michigan are you participating in?

As we move into February, the color red, hearts, Valentine’s Day, and love surround us. You can’t go anywhere the entire month without being reminded of love and hearts. Perhaps it’s fitting that February is also American Heart Month, and…

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4th Annual LaughFest returns to Grand Rapids with big names to benefit Gilda’s Club

LaughFest in Grand Rapids kicks off in just less than two months, from March 6 to March 16th across West Michigan. The lineup features big names like Jim Gaffigan, Chris Rock, Lily Tomlin and Jay Leno. Tickets are now on…

Cancer Awareness

12 Forgotten winter fruits and veggies

Butternut squash and sweet potatoes aren’t the only produce that grow when temperatures drop, try these uncommon fruits and veggies during this chilly winter season to keep you warm and healthy. Artichokes: This savory vegetable can be found fresh twice…