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Ele’s Place: Healing Centers Help Michigan Kids Grieve

If you live in a small town, the place to be on Friday nights is the high school football game. For the Overweg family of Springport, Michigan, the game wasn’t just a place to socialize and see friends. It was…

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Harvest Wildflowers Now; Make Herbal Tea this Winter

While you might not want to think about cold season now, it will be here soon enough. Lisa Rose, a Grand Rapids-based forager, herbalist, and author, shared her recipe for Burdock & Rose Wildflower Gypsy Tea, which she said is…


Expert Juicing and Smoothie-Making Tips from Malamiah Juice Bar

How many fruits and vegetables do you eat in a day? If you’re like many Americans, the number is dismal. Michiganders report that they consume about one serving of fruit and one and a half servings of vegetables on average…




4 Hidden Gems in Michigan’s Parks

Michigan is home to some of nature’s most beautiful and breathtaking sights. There’s hundreds of trails within Michigan’s state and national parks, each with gorgeous scenery and the stuff that “Pure Michigan” commercials are made of. Considering a hiking, backpacking,…


Making Sure No Kid Goes Hungry in Southeast Michigan this Summer

Far too many kiddos in the greater Detroit area miss healthy meals every day while they’re on summer break. That’s why a huge network of Michigan companies, schools and recreation centers are working together to make sure no kid goes hungry in Southeast Michigan. The…

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5 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Were Found at the CHASS Mercado Until Now

Just when you thought Southwest Detroit was famous enough for its great food selections, this summer it took its reputation to a whole new level! In case you haven’t already heard,  Community Health and Social Services Center, better known to Metro Detroiters as CHASS, set up shop last month for their…

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Let’s “Taco”-bout it: Easy Swaps to Make Taco Night Guilt Free

  Whether it’s Taco Tuesday at your house or a midnight run for fast-food tacos, we can all agree that this flavorful Latin meal is blissful. With their reputation for flavor and mouthwatering ingredients, you have to wonder how healthy tacos…


Difficulty Sleeping Through the Night? Don’t Brush It Off: It Could Be Sleep Apnea

Going to sleep at the end of the day should be like taking a deep breath of fresh air; immensely rejuvenating. I know that after a long work day, I’m ready to shut off the lights and get right to…


Youth Summit Encourages Teens to Rise Above the Influence

“No dream is too crazy.” “Keep your head up high.” “Never be afraid to follow your dreams.” The messages of encouragement were scrawled on bobbing, swaying balloons corralled into a giant net. Teens in attendance at the fourth annual Above…

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