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Five Healthy Habits for Keeping Your 2015 Resolutions on Track

It’s a new year, which means the chance to start fresh and add healthy habits to your regular routine. We’ve all made the big resolutions – lose 20 pounds, workout every day, re-organize your entire life…you know the type. Resolutions…

Fuel up to compete like a Big 10 athlete

Whether you’re training to dominate on the football field or want to beat your best 10-mile time, it’s important to recognize the role that food plays in athletic performance. Tip #1: Put down the soda! Sound obvious? The following tips…


Meet our favorite Michigan apples!

Apple orchards across Michigan opened in September, making fall the prime time for apple picking! We all know and love Red Delicious from brownbag school lunches, and Honeycrisps have become a popular, sweet snack across the state.  But how familiar are you…


Fitness classes debunked: Are the new trends in workouts worth the hype?

Many neighborhood gyms have been amping up their offerings with entertaining and effective fitness classes. Nothing wrong with putting a fun, new twist on your workout! But, with these new classes come unique names, which can often be tough to…


A week’s worth of easy lunch recipes

For many parents, the last thing we have time for is packing a lunch. But we’re here to say, don’t give up just yet! Of course, there are standby favorites like PB&J, but if you’re looking to mix it up, here’s…


Larky: An app to save money on the run

Here’s a tough question: How many savings opportunities have you let slip away because you forgot to take advantage of your membership discounts? All too often, we forget to tap into these perks, but the brains behind Larky have a…

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Back-to-School: Backpack health

More than 1.5 million students across Michigan are heading back to school next week, and probably with an over-stuffed backpack. What many parents may not realize is that a heavy backpack can lead to serious back, shoulder, and neck pain….

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After-school activities for kids

Is your child the next Bubba Smith or Jordyn Wieber? With many school-aged kids in organized sports, parents would likely answer yes (or at least wishful thinking). But what if your child doesn’t have an interest in joining a school…


Creative presentations to make school lunch fun

Your kiddo procrastinates on homework until the last second…and you procrastinate on packing their lunch until morning! With classes starting for most Michigan schools in the next couple of weeks, the time to plan for delicious, nutritious packed lunches is…