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Don’t Let Prep Time in the Kitchen Hold you Back From Achieving Your New Year’s Resolution

Everyone loves an opportunity for a fresh start.  It is so popular that we annually pledge to do something differently next year.  We select our “resolutions” based on making next year better.  No other time of year than January facilitates…

Five Healthy Habits for Keeping Your 2015 Resolutions on Track

It’s a new year, which means the chance to start fresh and add healthy habits to your regular routine. We’ve all made the big resolutions – lose 20 pounds, workout every day, re-organize your entire life…you know the type. Resolutions…

The Budget-Friendly Guide to Healthy Tailgating

What’s not to love about tailgating—you and friends eating delicious food and cheering your team on to victory. But too much pizza, chicken wings, and brats may not only add to your waistline, it can also add up in your…


Back-to-School: Backpack health

More than 1.5 million students across Michigan are heading back to school next week, and probably with an over-stuffed backpack. What many parents may not realize is that a heavy backpack can lead to serious back, shoulder, and neck pain….

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Creative presentations to make school lunch fun

Your kiddo procrastinates on homework until the last second…and you procrastinate on packing their lunch until morning! With classes starting for most Michigan schools in the next couple of weeks, the time to plan for delicious, nutritious packed lunches is…



Back to School: Getting back into a sleep schedule

With many Michigan schools beginning soon, it’s important to help kids return to a normal sleep routine and start the school year off right. To give your kids the best start, don’t wait until the last minute to adjust their…

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Yoga poses for pain relief

Next time you want to reach in the medicine cabinet, try grabbing your yoga mat instead! Yoga is said to relieve many aches and pains through fluid movement and meditation. Its seamless transitions allow swollen or otherwise painful joints to…


Gardening 101: 5 herbs to incorporate into your diet

Beyond just adding flavor (sans calories we might add), herbs come with lots of natural benefits.  From fighting off memory loss to settling a stomachache, herbs pack quite a punch when it comes to keeping us healthy. Best yet, they…


Tips to stay safe in the sun

Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, especially in Michigan, where the state’s scenic parks, beaches and attractions draw the masses out of their houses and into the sun. But summertime is also when we’re most vulnerable to…

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