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3 Ways to Avoid Injury at Detroit’s New Fit Park

  Want to get active outside while using what looks like a playscape for adults? That dream is now possible if you live or work in Detroit. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Live the Riverfront partnership with the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy…

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Free Detroit Riverfront Summer Events Roundup

The Detroit riverfront is one of the most exciting, fluid spaces in the city of Detroit. Whether you enjoy running or biking, fishing or sunbathing, yoga or tai chi; the riverfront has something for everyone! Along with annual events like…

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What Is a Fit Park? Where to Find One in Michigan

What do you get when you mix the great outdoors with free, public workout machines? Detroiters will soon have a chance to experience the answer firsthand with the opening of the city’s first Fit Park. The Fit Park is located by the…

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Finding Your Qi: Tai Chi for Beginners

“Come as you are, do what you can, and have fun while you’re here,” says exercise physiologist Michelle Moten, founder and program director of Urban Solace Mind-Body Studio, a division of the Urban Wellness Group located in Detroit. Tai chi has…

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Detroit Teacher, Elementary Students Ready For Race Day

A smile crept across 10-year-old Emanuel’s face Monday afternoon as he sprinted past the oak tree and finished his longest run to date— 2.5 miles. This Saturday the scenery will look slightly different. Instead of running past a tree in…

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The Detroit Art Exhibit You Have to See (and the Food to Go Along With It)

If you haven’t been to the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts yet, you have until July 12th to check it out. And it’s most definitely worth seeing. The exhibit is a celebration not…

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Pistons’ Mob Squad: Q&A with Coach Oscar Hernandez

Two things are immediately clear when you go backstage with the Detroit Pistons’ Mob Squad youth hip-hop dance team. One, these kids are professionals. They are here to do a job. Two, they’re also still kids, with loads of energy…

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Mob Squad Special Appearance at GR Drive Game

If you can watch the Detroit Pistons Mob Squad perform one of their high-energy, hip-hop dance numbers and not want to move, you may have no rhythm. This talented group of young athletes is headed to Grand Rapids for a…

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Tigers Offer Advice to Young Fans at Northern Michigan Stop

It’s pretty tough to upstage a room full of professional baseball players, but six-year-old Blake Helsel found a way. During an appearance by Tigers players and staff at the Grand Traverse Resort in Traverse City, attendees were invited to ask…

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