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Michigan Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes {Recipe Inside}

Summer is in full swing, and the heat is on! Summer not only brings good times, barbecues, and trips to the pool; it also brings tons of fresh, local produce, picked at the peak of harvest! Michigan is an amazing…



8 Healthy Takes on Classic Desserts

Honestly, who doesn’t love dessert? Dessert without guilt, however, is a bit harder to come by. Which is why, to satisfy your sweet tooth, we’ve arranged a round-up of our favorite healthy desserts and dessert inspired protein shakes. With a…


Homemade truffles

Treat your friends to homemade holiday gifts

Holiday gift giving is often loaded with stress, from finding the absolutely perfect present to battling the crazy mall crowds. Here’s a better option: make-it-yourself treats! Your friends and family are sure to appreciate the personal touch and, of course,…


Veg-fetti cake recipe: Have your cake and some veggies too

I already know what you are thinking.  A cake with vegetables? Yes it is and it is tasty.  I am not going to tell you it is “good” for you, but it is a fun way to incorporate some vegetables…


Enjoying a gluten-free Thanksgiving: Desserts

What Thanksgiving meal would be complete without dessert? For those of us with food intolerances and allergies, this course often give us the most headaches -figuratively and often literally. Gluten and other allergens can be obvious in some desserts but…

Guilt-free healthy, holiday dessert recipes to complete your Thanksgiving feast

Finding ways to help people focus on becoming healthier from the inside out is gratifying for me.  With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I find that it’s often a bit more challenging to find these recipes, especially in the dessert category.   That’s…


A dessert to enjoy while whittling your waistline

If you’re like me, a meal just isn’t finished without a sweet ending. Many people looking to whittle their waistlines or just want to make more nutritious choices don’t have to skip dessert and leave the dinner table feeling deprived….

Eat Cake, Lose Weight?

Most diets fail because of food. They prevent us from enjoying certain foods, they make us eat the bland ones or force us to keep a mental tally of our food points.  When told NOT to do something, our inner…