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Always tired? The reason may have nothing to do with sleep

Feeling exhausted at the end of a busy day is perfectly normal, but when you can’t shake that drowsy feeling all day long, there’s likely something more going on. The main culprit is often poor sleep habits, but if you’re…

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How you can limit depression during the holiday season

Do you feel joyous when holiday decorations go up and store windows fill with gifts? If you don’t, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone.  The holidays can be emotionally draining and financially overwhelming, and it’s not uncommon…

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Is what you’re feeling just the ‘holiday blues’ or something more serious?

By Mike Vizena While the holidays are supposed to be a time filled with ‘comfort and joy,’ 90 percent of Americans actually report feelings of stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression. Sadness or depression varies from person to person, but during…

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Chronic physical pain can hurt your mental health too

Everyone knows what physical pain feels like; we have all stubbed a toe or cut a finger. Now imagine amplifying the intensity of that stubbed toe by ten or more and feeling it every day, all day and you might…

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The truth is anyone can have depression. Even a therapist

I have depression. And one may say … “Aren’t you a therapist?  How can you have depression?  Aren’t you supposed have that all figured out so that you can help other people out?  How are they going to get assistance…

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Living with someone who lives with depression

The following is continuing series for Mental Health Month. There isn’t a play book when it comes to Mental Illness. This disease is different with each person. It fluctuates with microscopic changes that can occur daily and even hourly making management difficult….

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Becoming Aware of Mental Health Month

I have Depression. Sounds strange right? Saying one is depressed leads to many assumptions. Even as I type this I find it hard to define depression as a medical condition. There are several types of depression. Chronic Depression, Seasonal Depression,…

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April is Alcohol Awareness Month: Why do people drink and why is it so culturally acceptable?

Alcohol has been around for thousands of years. It’s a part of our culture and society and is a legal drug that’s easily available and inexpensive. It’s been a part of religious traditions since the dawn of religion and we…

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Exercise is one prescription to treat depression

It seems a dose of exercise may be just the right amount of spring cleaning you need to raise your spirits. Some doctors believe that regular exercise can lift your mood, and even help prevent and improve mild to moderate…