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Would You Know a Depressed Child if You Saw One?

Every child is going to feel sad from time to time–maybe an older relative gets sick or there is a bully at school. But sometimes a simple bout of sadness can turn into something more serious. Depression affects 2.5 percent of children….

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When is it Safe for Kids to Start Strength Training?

Getting children active early is an important step in setting the tone for a long, healthy lifestyle. But beyond ensuring your child gets enough physical activity, parents may be wondering about another issue: When is the right time to start strength…


Easy, healthy on-the-go snacks for kids

One in five school-age children has up to six snacks a day. While growing kids sometimes need to eat more often than adults, especially when activity levels are high, snacking should not be an all-day invitation to graze. Plan snack time…


The Children’s Center – Treating the Whole Child in One Place

The Children’s Center is one of those places I’d always seen as I drove through Midtown Detroit, but never registered.  I wasn’t made aware of it until a friend told me about the opportunity to go and visit and take…

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A healthy way to allow wishes to come true for those who need them

If I approached you with an idea that assisted in granting a terminally ill child their biggest wish, most likely you’d want to hear more about it.  Once I informed you that the idea involved being taken to Traverse City,…


Halloween Hazards: Don’t be haunted by ignoring safety

Halloween is here! With all the crazy costumes, parties, scary movies, jack-o-lanterns, and trick-or-treating for candy, it’s easy to forget to take a moment to consider safety on All Hallows’ Eve. Children and adults alike need to be aware of…

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Non-profit Healthy Detroit encourages city to “join the movement”

A newly established non-profit company is up and running in Detroit and is making a strong push to create a “happier and healthier city.” Built from the ground up by Midtown homeowners Nicholas Mukhtar and Eric Holka, Healthy Detroit aims…

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National Sun Safety Week; protecting your children

Summer is just around the corner and warm weather is finally upon us in Michigan. Now is the time to prepare for the heat and sun exposure we are sure to experience. While many tips for beating the heat may…

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When one home becomes two: the do’s for helping your child adjust to divorce

Divorce doesn’t just end a marriage; it changes the lives of any children involved, making it natural for parents to be concerned about the emotional toll on their child. While you can’t control the impact a divorce has on your…

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