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“Pink” foods help #KickCancer

As October starts to wind down and the temperatures steadily drop, remember Breast Cancer Awareness month is still in full swing.  So before we completely cave in to the orange and black-themed foods of Halloween and then Thanksgiving, let’s give…

Cancer Awareness

The grieving process of a breast cancer diagnosis

Everyone has different responses to a breast cancer diagnosis.  Once the immediate shock wears off, people can go through a range of emotions including denial, anger, grief and guilt. Denial: At first, patients are often stunned into a silent disbelief. …

Cancer Awareness

Cancer prevention tip: Stay honest at the pump

Your beloved Ford is running on less than a fourth of a tank of gas. When you fill it up, you decide to fill it completely. The click from the pump signals a full tank, and then you see your…

Cancer Awareness


A cancer diagnosis effects your whole family, here’s how to cope

When a doctor says “cancer,” family members find themselves at a loss for how to best support their loved one while grappling with their own fears and anxiety.  Some family members may not feel comfortable discussing their feelings; others may avoid…

Cancer Awareness

7 tips for helping you cope with your cancer diagnosis

It happens all of the sudden.  A routine doctor’s appointment turns into cancer.  You’re shocked, scared, hurt and angry all at once.  Nothing in life prepares you for this moment.  How do you cope with this diagnosis? Let people help…

Cancer Awareness

Hey fellas! Don’t ignore these possible cancer symptoms if you want to stay invincible

During the month of Movember, the focus on prostate and testicular cancer is well placed. One in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, making it the second most diagnosed form of cancer, behind only skin cancer. Testicular cancer…


6 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Fall is here, and with the weather getting a little bit cooler, there is no better, healthier way to warm up than with a hot cup of green tea. It is definitely one of my favorite beverages year round, hot…


Wanted: Healthy Sunshine

I find that people are much more content and excited about life when the sun is in the sky. Did you know that some sun exposure is good for you and your health? It helps naturally produce vitamin D in the body….



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