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10K Steps Challenge participant walks over 150 miles since January

Participating in the 10K Steps Challenge leading up to the Fifth Third Bank River run is a structured way for beginners and experienced participants alike to stick to a training schedule and stay motivated. Once participants sign up for the…


Stop adding calories to your food. Add flavor instead!

Flavor can be a huge deterrent when trying to eat cleaner, healthier and simpler meals. I can attest to this, as I always feel like I want to add a dipping sauce or something to my dish. However, acting on…


4th Annual LaughFest returns to Grand Rapids with big names to benefit Gilda’s Club

LaughFest in Grand Rapids kicks off in just less than two months, from March 6 to March 16th across West Michigan. The lineup features big names like Jim Gaffigan, Chris Rock, Lily Tomlin and Jay Leno. Tickets are now on…

Cancer Awareness


Cooking mistakes you might be making

Cooking mistakes that might cause weight gain

Trying to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle can be a frustrating endeavor for some individuals. One can eat healthier, exercise, and minimize eating out at restaurants, but still be unable to lose the desired amount of weight. Instead…


Best blogs of 2013: Easy tips to visualize portion sizes

Knowing how much food you should be eating can make all the difference when you’re trying to lose weight. This popular post from March 13th gives all the info you need. One of the hardest parts about trying to eat…

Healthy Community

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Full body functional exercises: burpees (with video)

A burpee is an easy exercise and can be done in almost any location because it involves no workout equipment and only requires a small amount of space. Burpees workout your entire body and are great for building strength and…



The Pursuit of Healthiness – David’s Six Month Recap

Okay. Summer is over. Time to punch back in! It has been six months since we began the Pursuit of Healthiness and I am happy to share that my state of health has improved significantly. Or at least that is…

Meet the Canning Diva

Diane Devereaux believes in the notion that food is art; therefore, canning is preserving that art. A life-long Michigan resident, in Grand Rapids for over a decade, Devereaux began canning as a teenager in northern Michigan. By starting Canning Diva,…


Failing a Fitness Test and Counting Calories

There really isn’t a nice way to tell someone they’re obese. At least that was the technical term shared with me after I completed my fitness test. Although grades weren’t handed out after taking my initial health and fitness assessment, it was clear that…





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