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Hey Michigan, let’s kick breast cancer (infographic)

Breast cancer outcomes are getting better in Michigan and around the country, but we can do even better in the effort to #KickCancer. Check out the below infographic to learn more about how to take an active role in prevention….

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What you should know about getting a mammogram

Many women are apprehensive when it comes to getting a mammogram. Whether it’s a fear of what the result may be or a hesitation after hearing the process is uncomfortable, we’re here to remind you that the benefits outweigh the…

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Life after breast cancer: Coping with your anxiety

There is so much energy invested into day-to-day cancer treatment that little thought is given to what happens when treatment is over.  Despite best efforts to go back to “normal,” the life of a survivor will be different.  Survivors are…

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Treating an aggressive cancer with aggressive action gives this breast cancer survivor peace of mind

A cancer diagnosis is about the worst news a person can receive in their lifetime. There is plenty of bad news and negatives with cancer, so focusing on the positive and the strength of an individual can shed light on…

Breast cancer awareness events in Grand Rapids

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and there are a number of different organizations that put together events, educational resources, and advocacy for breast cancer awareness. In Grand Rapids, the Susan G. Komen West Michigan, Van Andel Institute, and the…

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Are you genetically predisposed for breast cancer?

My mom recently told me that we don’t need to worry about breast cancer because we don’t have “the gene.”  I’m assuming she was referring to our family’s lack of an inherited gene mutation, usually in the BRCA1 and BRCA2…

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“Embracing with Strength and Grace” at ArtPrize

When Cathy Smith-Brzeczkiewicz and her daughters first envisioned a giant-sized bra for breast cancer awareness, they didn’t imagine ArtPrize and the resulting outpour of attention and support they would receive. “Embracing with Strength and Grace,” the largest bra in the…

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Can stress cause breast cancer?

We know stress can have a big impact on the body’s immune system, but can it cause breast cancer?  While there isn’t a direct link between stress and cancer, how you deal with it has a direct impact.   If your…

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Experience PINK initiative enlists Grand Rapids attractions in fight against breast cancer

West Michigan has rallied forces for the month of February in support of breast cancer awareness and Susan G. Komen West Michigan. Now in its second year, the Experience PINK campaign brings together hotels, businesses and restaurants in an effort…

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