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Parents: Soda Isn’t the Only Drink That’s Unhealthy for Children

When asked to name a drink that’s packed with sugar, most people would instantly say soda. But while that’s correct, many parents may not realize that a can of cola isn’t the only beverage packed with sweeteners. And that misconception…

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Should You Trust Calorie Counts?

As anyone who watches what they eat knows, a calorie is a way to measure how much energy your body will get from a food. The more calories you consume, the more calories you need to burn to avoid gaining…



Refresh Your Pizza: Healthy Crust Recipes

It happens like clockwork: You stick to your diet all week, then when the weekend hits all you crave is pizza. Instead of scarfing down half of a large pepperoni and undoing all of your hard work, why not stick…



A Guide To Fruit: How Much Can People With Diabetes Safely Eat?

For most people, fruit is your go-to healthier food group and you eat as much as you please. Fruit is loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber and is a healthy snack or dessert. But for diabetics, this becomes a different…



Grow Your Garden Without Aches and Pains

Gardening can be a relaxing way to reduce stress and spend time outdoors. And since it’s physically active, it’s also full of health benefits: One study found that gardening can improve health problems related to obesity, inactivity and even old…

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You Can Do It! The Easiest Way to Prepare for a 5K

Training for a 5K may seem overwhelming for those who don’t run regularly or have never attempted a race before, but with a little practice, anyone can do it. Just follow this advice for what to do before signing up,…



The Real Reason Antibiotics Aren’t Always the Answer

Everyone has busy lives balancing things like work, school, home maintenance, children, exercise, extracurricular activities and more. The last thing anyone wants is to get sick to the point where daily routines are interrupted. Even though the peak cold and flu season begins…

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Kick Off Race Season With These Fun Events Around Michigan

The first day of spring has come and gone, daylight saving time has already started and opening day is out of here, which can only mean one thing: It’s about to be race season! Races can be the perfect chance…


Colon Cancer: The Importance of Catching it Early

Colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States among men and women. More than 90 percent of those diagnosed early (when the cancer is still at a local stage) survive more than five years….

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