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Your Upper-Body Shape-Up Plan (For Men and Women!)

Throughout the day, most people walk, climb stairs and squat down to pick things up—activities that naturally work your legs and lower body. But how often do you exercise your upper body? Having a strong back, chest, shoulders and arms…


Is Celery the Next “It” Vegetable?

Celery is one of those vegetables that doesn’t get too much buzz around it. Unlike Brussels sprouts or kale, both of which have become superstar veggies lately, celery just keeps going about its business without much fanfare. But the truth…


Are Baked Beans as Healthy as You Think?

Baked beans go with almost every summer dish: hot dogs, burgers, fried chicken, pulled pork, Polish sausages—you name it! But as a side dish, how healthy are they? Baked beans can lower cholesterol and are packed with fiber, protein and…




National Picnic Month: 8 Healthy Foods to Pack

Picnics and warm weather go hand in hand, which is probably why July is National Picnic Month. If you haven’t packed a basket yet this summer, use this as a good excuse. While it’s easy to revert to packing picnic…


Tour de TART: Grab a Bike and Join in the Fun Tomorrow

The Tour de France may get all the bike-racing glory, but Michigan is home to a number of fun cycling events of its own. And one is coming up soon — as in tomorrow! TART (Traverse Area Recreation and Transportation)…


Adult Immunizations: What Ones Do You Really Need?

While it’s well known that children require specific immunizations, many people don’t realize that adults do as well. That’s because there are certain diseases you could be exposed to through travel, your job or just going about your everyday life…

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Parents: Soda Isn’t the Only Drink That’s Unhealthy for Children

When asked to name a drink that’s packed with sugar, most people would instantly say soda. But while that’s correct, many parents may not realize that a can of cola isn’t the only beverage packed with sweeteners. And that misconception…

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Should You Trust Calorie Counts?

As anyone who watches what they eat knows, a calorie is a way to measure how much energy your body will get from a food. The more calories you consume, the more calories you need to burn to avoid gaining…



Refresh Your Pizza: Healthy Crust Recipes

It happens like clockwork: You stick to your diet all week, then when the weekend hits all you crave is pizza. Instead of scarfing down half of a large pepperoni and undoing all of your hard work, why not stick…