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Do Your Kids Taste the Rainbow?

As any parent will tell you, kids can have picky palates. Unfortunately, that means the most colorful items they consume in a day might be red licorice, blue raspberry gummies and purple energy drinks. Beige foods like breads, pasta, cereal, potatoes…

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Curling’s Rich History at the Detroit Curling Club

Let’s curl! Come on, you know curling, right? Curling. No. Not your hair. The sport! My initial memories of curling reach back to 1980-something, watching hockey on CBC with my Grandfather and Dad. In between periods, while doing the other Canadian…

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4 Changes Women Should Make for Their Heart’s Sake

Although deaths from cardiovascular disease have declined since the mid 90s, it’s still a sad fact that one in three women will die of the disease. Cardiologist Joni Summitt recently gave a heart health talk at Al!ve in Charlotte, as…



#MIKidsCan Train Like an All-Star Challenge Week 3

Earlier this month, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan called on kids to lace up their cleats and “Train like an All-Star” with its latest #MIKidsCan challenge, in alignment with the Detroit Tigers spring training. Now through March 31, kids across the…

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5 Ways to Add Turmeric to Your Diet

If you need more than the rich, warm, and golden hue of turmeric as a reason to add it to your pantry staples, here are five promising health benefits, and a few recipes that feature this on-trend spice: Natural healing…


LaughFest Seriously Funny Family Adventure Challenge a Hit for West Michigan Teams

Things you might have overheard at Sunday’s Seriously Funny Family Adventure Challenge at LaughFest: “Okay kids, why don’t you go over there and swordfight now.” “My right foot can’t quite reach George Lopez.” “I can’t hold on to this rubber…

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How Heart Rate Zones Impact Your Workout Results

Have you ever finished a workout and wondered if you challenged yourself enough? Knowing your heart rate can tell you a lot about the intensity of your exercise and what kind of results you are likely to see. Working out…


5 Simple Steps to Healthy HDL Cholesterol Levels

You have probably heard about how high levels of cholesterol increase your risk of heart attack and stroke. This is true if you have high levels of LDL cholesterol, or the “bad” cholesterol, which tends to deposit in the arteries….

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Bite Into This! 5 Tips and Tricks for Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

It’s no secret that fruits and vegetables are cornerstones of a healthy diet. Packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber, these nutritional power players add necessary nutrients and provide proper nourishment.  The question is, with how healthy fruits and vegetables are, why…