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Flaunt Your Holiday Spirit at Lansing’s Silver Bells 5K Run

Santa Claus is coming to Lansing this week, but don’t let that jolly old gift-giver outshine your holiday festiveness. The 31st annual Silver Bells in the City arrives in downtown Lansing on Friday, Nov. 20. The entire city glows during the…


Soul Food Dinner: Blackened Catfish with Collard Greens

At the LINC Up Soul Food Café on Grand Rapids’ southeast side, traditional dishes are made with love and a desire to make them as healthy as possible for restaurant patrons. Restaurant Manager Lewis Williams said many of the patrons…



LINC Up Soul Food Café Serves More than Good Eats

Step into the LINC Up Soul Food Café in Grand Rapids and you’ll feel an immediate sense of warmth. Home-cooked aromas fill the air while a cozy and welcoming vibe encourage you to make yourself at home. While the food, described…


Ten Songs to Pump Up Your Workout Playlist

Whether you’re lifting at the gym or hitting the trail for a run, music can be an essential part of any workout. Studies have shown music can help to reduce stress, boost mood and positively impact the cardiovascular system. In fact, a recent…


10 Ways to Protect Your Bones Today

Millions of seniors fall each year, resulting in broken bones and requiring a trip to the emergency room or worse. That’s why a balanced diet and exercise are essential to healthy bones. Here are 10 easy steps toward stronger bones…


The Secrets to Cooking With Coconut Oil

Cooking with coconut oil is a kitchen trend that’s showing no signs of losing popularity. That’s because while coconut oil is high in saturated fat, like butter, it has been found to boost your good HDL cholesterol. While any saturated…



Thanksgiving in Detroit: A Behind the Scenes Look

Each November, Detroit takes the national stage as the Motor City plays host to America’s Thanksgiving Parade® presented by Art Van. The event has been part of Detroit’s history for 89 years. But just what does it take to put on this…

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Ypsilanti: Why You Should Spend the Day in this Cute, Quirky Town

The Healthier Michigan team recently spent a day in historic Ypsilanti and we were blown away by its charm. Let’s get one thing clear, right off the bat: it’s pronounced “Ip-sill-ann-tee”, or “Ip-see” for short. Don’t ‘yip’ yourself into looking…

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Holiday Party Celebrates Health of Lansing Community

The holidays are coming to Lansing a little early with a Saturday event featuring healthy food, fitness, and a special visit from Santa. Lettuce Live Well is hosting a holiday party as the culminating celebration in a months-long Celebrity Health…