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Experience the Eastern Market this weekend

If you’re looking for a way to get great food, support a thriving community, and have a great time shopping, the Eastern Market does it best. Farmer’s markets are important community anchors. There are farmers markets all across the state….

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Keep your cool this summer

Keep your cool: Surprising ways to beat summer heat

The return of summer is a time for joy, especially after a long, cold winter like the one we just had. More daylight and warmer temperatures bring back adventures on the lake, days in the garden and holidays grilling with…

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Which is better: Working out in the morning, or in the afternoon?

When someone asks a fitness trainer what time of day is best to work out, I’m pretty sure they all have different answers.  That is because the answer is different for everyone. This seems to be one of those things…



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Nine ways to stay fit for free

When you’re living on a tight budget, a gym membership might not make the cut on your list of priorities. And while gyms are certainly convenient, there’s a ton of free ways to make sure your fitness doesn’t fall to…


Experience the beauty of Southeast Michigan with a trip to Belle Isle

When is the last time you visited Belle Isle? If the answer is more than six months ago, you are due for a trip! The fountain is functional, the attractions are open and the park is buzzing with summer activity….

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Four blueberry festivals you won’t want to miss

Summer is in full swing, and that means blueberry season is too (yes, Michigan is about more than just cherries). July is even National Blueberry Month! The sweet, sometimes tart berries are a favorite summertime treat that can be incorporated…

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Tour de TART lets you explore beautiful Michigan trails

Do Michigan summers get any better than this? If you’re going to be close to Traverse City this weekend, take advantage of Friday’s gorgeous evening forecast and hit the TART and Leelanau trails for the 14th annual Tour de TART….


The four crucial steps between setting a goal and reaching it

If you’re like the thousands of people who have signed up for HealthyMe, you probably have some health-related goals you’re trying to reach. You could be trying to cook more nutritious dinners during the week, run a mile without stopping…

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Let the games begin!

Downtown Detroit is alive and bubbling over with excitement for the third annual Live Downtown Games. The games kicked off Monday, July 21, at Campus Martius Park with executives from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Compuware, DTE Energy, Marketing…

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