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Panicked Over Presents? DIY Gifts Anyone Can Make

In theory, homemade presents save you a trip to the mall and make the recipient feel extra special. But some are so complicated they require the patience of Saint Nicholas, while others (like fruitcake) are likely to get tossed in…

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3 Natural Remedies for Migraines

Migraines are a pain. They can hurt so bad that sometimes you consider what life would be like without a head. Like millions of other Americans, I suffer from horrible debilitating, day stopping migraines. I remember getting my first one…

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The Holiday Party Danger Every Host Needs to Know About

One of the best things about this time of year is gathering together with friends and family to eat delicious food. But if you’re throwing a party, there’s something else you need to remember besides turning on the music and…

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Preventing Holiday Drunk Driving in Michigan

The Michigan State Police are planning for a productive holiday season – stopping, testing, and arresting drivers that are over the limit. Authorities increased the numbers of officers on the road in 26 Michigan counties, which started on Black Friday and will…

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Submit Your Summer Photos for a Chance to Win BCN’s Good Health Photo Contest!

During the cold months of winter we all catch ourselves scrolling through Facebook photos of hot summer days, reminiscing about warm weather and outdoor activities. Well, Blue Care Network may reward you for doing just that! Blue Care Network wants…

Best Places to Ice Skate in Michigan

As Michiganders, we know winter weather all too well and, for some of us (this blogger excluded), it is our favorite time of the year. Winter means the start of snowball fights, skiing, snow biking and, yes, ice skating! We have rounded…

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Freshen Up Your Bedding and Feel Instantly Better

Washing your sheets every week might make your bed smell fresh, but you probably need to be doing a little more than that if you want to rid your bed of allergens. Not only does your body shed hair, dead…

Are Money Worries Affecting Your Health? 5 Steps to Take Control This Year

If money is constantly stressing you out, you have more than the balance in your bank account to think about. Constant worry about your financial situation could lead to stress-related illnesses such as ulcers, migraines, back pain, anxiety, and depression….

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All You Need to Become a Winter Cyclist

When snowy weather arrives, you might think that bicycling season is over. But with a few tips and the right gear, cycling can be an all-year round activity. In fact, it’s a great way to stay active outside, which can…