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6 Michigan Trees You Can Plant on Earth Day

More than half of Michigan is covered in forests, which is one of the reasons why the state is so beautiful. Want to make it even more gorgeous? Plant some new trees! That simple act helps naturally clean carbon from…


Running & Michigan: A Perfect Pairing for Traverse City Blogger  

It’s not entirely surprising that the idea for a running blog came together on a run. What has been surprising for Heather Johnson Durocher, the mastermind and runner behind Michigan Runner Girl, an online community for endurance athletes and Michigan…

New Sleep Guidelines: 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Kids are Getting Enough

A new study released last week shows that teens and children are getting far less sleep than they need. In fact, many teens are getting less than seven hours of sleep each night. While that may not seem so different…


3 Ways Women Can Support One Another in the Workplace

Work environments can sometimes be competitive, and even more so for women hoping to attain leadership positions. As a result, many women can find it difficult to support one another during their climb up the corporate ladder. Unintentional slights, also called…


Take Advantage of the Extra Daylight – Become an Evening Exerciser

Working out in the morning is great if you want to get it out of the way early, but lots of people just don’t have the time before work (or are most definitely not a morning person). That’s where nighttime…


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Hike it Baby: Group Encourages Nature-Loving Kids, Like-Minded Community

On a recent sunny spring morning, Amanda Dabideen took her almost two-year-old son Brandon for a walk at Schrier Park in Portage. The stroll was the pair’s first encounter with the Kalamazoo branch of Hike it Baby, an organization dedicated…


How Martial Arts Saved This Saginaw Man’s Life

Growing up wasn’t easy for Joseph Stricker. The Saginaw native didn’t grow up in the best neighborhood and the temptations of a life on the street surrounded him every day. “Fighting was something I was brought up in,” he explained….


Quiz: Are You Recycling the Right Way?

Earth Day is April 22, and the entire month is dedicated to spreading education about how to be friendlier to the environment. Michigan’s natural beauty is part of what makes it such a wonderful place to live, so this is…

On Jan. 20, the ribbon was cut, doors were opened and anixious customers poured into the new Chievres commissary. The $16 million, 48,000 square-foot facility opened to anxious customers who eagerly waited for over an hour in the frosty temperatures to be among the first shoppers in the new facility. The commissary has wider aisles, more items, a chicken rotisserie, and a deli counter for the SHAPE community.The project was built by Lixon S.A. of Charleroi, Belgium and overseen by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Europe District.

10 Easy Healthy Habits You Can Add to your Daily Routine

Everyone wants to be healthier, but when life gets super busy, making time for a full workout or cooking three healthy dishes a day can seem impossible. While you should aim to fit in 150 minutes of exercise a week…