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Jump for your health!

A fitter body is just a hop, skip and jump away. We already know exercise stimulates bone formation (and even talked about it recently on our blog), but two recent studies have led scientists to conclude that jumping is the…


Why guys should try yoga

What’s the common denominator in nearly every yoga class? Gender. More than 80 percent of yoga-goers are women. We hate that stat and decided to come up with the top three reasons it’s time for men to roll out their mats…


MHA Keystone Center celebrates Donate Life Month

The MHA and Donate Life America want to celebrate Donate Life Month by thanking all Michigan residents, hospital partners and their staffs for the vital role they play in donation and transplantation. In Michigan, about 3.3 million people have committed to…

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The best recipes for using up hard-cooked Easter eggs

Here comes Peter Cottontail…and with him comes an abundance of colorfully dyed hard-cooked eggs! It might be loads of fun for kids to color dozens of eggs this week, but it can also be a challenge to come up with…



Best exercises to strengthen your bones

You know working out strengthens your muscles, but did you also know that certain exercises can strengthen your bones? The key: The activity has to have a high impact. Subjecting your bones to stress through high-impact workouts prompts bones to…


Add to your to-do list: Organize your personal medical records

We’ve already examined how keeping track of your family health history can help you catch and treat common conditions early, but it’s just as important to keep track of your own medical records. That’s because becoming more engaged in your…

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When you’re at the gym, do you ever ask yourself if you’re doing it right?

When I began my workout regimen in February, I was consistent, I was sweaty and I was pumped to see my results. After 30 days of exercise with few noticeable changes, I consulted a friend who happens to be a…


What is whole grain?

Whole grain. It’s one of those healthy buzz words plastered on food labels everywhere to make the food you eat more appealing. But studies have shown the consumption of whole grain foods, versus those with refined grains, can provide a…


Quitting smoking: The benefits aren’t just physical

There’s a reason why quitting smoking is one of the most commonly recommended preventive health tips: Frequent smoking can increase risk for heart disease and stroke by up to four times and lung cancer by up to 25 times. In…

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