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Get your kids in the kitchen with these two healthy dips

On a recent afternoon at the Grand Rapids Downtown Market’s Simmer Camp, young foodies-in-training were learning just how delicious and easy, homemade dips can be. “It just tasted different and better,” said Naomi Hamilton, 9, about the hummus and ranch dip…


Canning lets you preserve summer flavors all year long

At the convergence of the local food movement, do-it-yourself, and environmentalism, is a practice that many might find a little old-school: canning. “With the accessibility of fresh fruits and vegetables, I think it’s definitely making a comeback,” said Jolon Hull,…


Too hot to work out? Try these 6 new exercise DVDs instead

If you’re used to working out outside, sometimes the summer heat can just be too much to handle. Not only does it feel extra tough to go for that run in high temperatures, there are also safety concerns when the…



#HealthyMe: Six ways I’m getting my workout mojo back

I’m happy to report that as of this writing, I’ve exercised five of the past seven days. Woot! I wanted to share what’s been working for me with the hope that anyone else struggling with motivation can turn it around….

The simple way to get perfect posture (no books required)

You rolled your eyes when mom said it, but, seriously, stand up straight! Sure it makes you look more presentable, but more importantly, it impacts your physical health. Poor posture can lead to painful joints, challenged breathing and trouble walking….

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How to ace your #HealthyMe goal to eat healthier

Have you set your #HealthyMe goal but finding it tough to stay on track? You aren’t alone. It’s hard to accomplish your healthy goals (according to Forbes, only eight percent of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions every year)….



What are you watching on TV during your workout?

Watching TV tends to be counterproductive for engaging in physical activity.  This is probably because people typically watch TV while they’re sitting on the couch. Ironically, many gyms have televisions lined up side by side, across the walls in front…


Running tattoo is permanent reminder to pursue health for one Michigan man

The tattoo on Wyoming resident Tom Popma’s left calf is officially the Fifth Third Riverbank Run logo. For Popma, it’s much more than that. It’s become an almost talismanic reminder for the 32-year-old to never return to unhealthy habits he’s…


The amazing benefits of learning a new language

It’s been proven that speaking multiple languages growing up can have an impact on your life that goes way beyond being able to order food in foreign countries. For instance, those who speak two languages every day throughout their lives…

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