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The Ultimate Michigan Road Trip: 6 Days in the U.P.

Last week, a couple of aHealthierMichigan.org team members traveled to the Upper Peninsula for six days. We decided that it was time to explore what the rest of our state has to offer. We discovered that Michigan has a unique variation…

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Ditch the Big Yellow Bus and Take a Walking One Instead!

Yes, it’s true, the wheels on the bus go round and round, but this fall, there’s an even better way to get to and from school. It’s called a walking school bus and it’s a triple threat: getting kids more…


Back to School Immunizations: The Key to Keeping Your Child Healthy this School Year

Vaccinations are a very important and necessary part of keeping your children healthy. All school-aged children, from preschool to college, need vaccinations to prevent infectious illness. And although it’s rare, communicable disease outbreaks still happen. For example, measles and whopping…

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Give Painful Foot and Leg Cramps the Boot

Foot and leg cramps can seemingly strike at any moment: in the middle of a run, while swimming or even when you’re just relaxing on the couch. And they happen to almost everyone. It’s estimated that these painful muscle spasms…

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Reach Old Age in Good Health with Tips from Michigan Seniors

Stay active. That was the most common advice from seniors who shared their healthy tips at the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival Senior Day. The event was sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network, North…


I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for…Popsicles!

Detroit dessert aficionados rejoice: The Detroit Pop Shop supplies the perfect gourmet ice pops for foodies, kids and lovers of all sweet treats. A devotion to locality and use of fresh ingredients, makes Pop Shop pops both delicious and mindful…

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The Silent Killer: Six Things You Need to Know

You have probably heard about high blood pressure, also called hypertension, but you may not know why it’s important to understand. Blood pressure (BP) is the force of blood against the artery wall. If your blood pressure stays high over…


The Latest From Experts on Vaccines and Autism

While there have been opponents in the past claiming a connection between life-saving vaccines and autism, the scientific community is now supporting vaccinations for children. Thousands of peer-reviewed articles have shown that vaccinations have no impact on a child’s risk…

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#HealthyMe: From Overweight and Unhealthy to Competing in a Triathalon

I went from having a completely sedentary lifestyle, and being out of shape, to competing in an Ironman branded triathlon race and other extreme endurance events in two and a half years. I played Rugby in high school and college,…