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No Joke: Sometimes You Should Eat The Yolk

  The code has been cracked: egg yolks aren’t as bad as you thought. Though they certainly shouldn’t be eaten all day, every day, there are some nutritional properties found right in the middle of the egg.  Over one third…


Must-See Video of the Famous Soo Locks

When you head all the way up to the Upper Peninsula, one of the must-visit cities is Sault Ste. Marie. We certainly did that on our recent AHM road trip to the UP. We spent a whole day in “The…

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5 Great Stops for a Healthy and Fun Day in Petoskey

Whether your idea of fun is getting active outdoors, curling up with a good book, shopping or dining, Petoskey has it all. Nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan’s Little Traverse Bay, in northwest lower Michigan, the resort town provides…



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Six Tips to Beat Hidden Classroom Germs

As parents and caregivers know all too well, one child’s simple cold has the power to wreak havoc on an entire classroom. There are a few reasons why sniffles and sneezes thrive in schools. To start, students spend the day…

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Commit to Fit Nation: Connecting Parents to Experienced Service Providers

Run a Google search on “speech therapists in Grand Rapids, MI” and you’ll get over 34,000 results. “Attention deficit disorder resources in Grand Rapids, MI” nets more than 50,000 hits. If you really want to be overwhelmed, try “physical therapy…

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Easy, Healthy, Inexpensive Meals to Make in a Dorm Room

Adjusting to college life is hard, especially if you live in a dorm. Junk food surrounds you at every turn and you probably don’t have access to a full kitchen. That’s where these healthy-cooking tips and recipes come in. They…



Traverse City Pickleball Tourney Brings Players to Birthplace of the Sport in Michigan

About six years ago, retirement was looming for Nelson Asper. He was looking for a hobby to fill his free time. What he found was the growing sport of pickleball. The now 70-year-old is vice president of the Traverse Area…


5 Questions You Forgot to Ask Your Personal Trainer

If you’re anything like me and have struggled to lose weight on your own, even after changing your diet and going to the gym, you may consider hiring a personal trainer. The decision to hire a trainer is a personal…


4 Things You Need to Know About Enterovirus EV-D68

You may have seen the term “enterovirus” thrown around in the news as of late, but many people don’t actually know much about it. What is this virus all about and is it really that serious? According to CNN, enteroviruses are…

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