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No Yard? Small Outdoor Space? Try Planting a Vertical Garden

There’s nothing quite like picking your own fresh-grown vegetables from the garden. However, for urban dwellers with little-to-no yard or for people in apartments, your options might feel limited. Instead of spreading seeds out, consider planting up if you have…



Cut Down on Carbs with These Tasty Alternatives

Simple carbs like white bread and pasta might be tasty, but they can also be high in calories without a lot of nutrients and cause your blood sugar to spike. “A diet high in refined carbohydrates can ultimately raise your…



Learn from Example: How Michigan Goes Above and Beyond for the Environment

Being kind to the environment is something many Michiganders are passionate about in their daily work and hobbies. In fact, Michigan has one of the highest number of ‘green jobs,’ in America. About 70,000 people work in renewable energy and…


Do You Know the Importance of Immunizations for Your Family?

While the flu vaccine receives the most attention, it isn’t the only immunization you need to know about to keep your family healthy. There are many vaccinations that protect you and your loved ones from dangerous diseases and keep you…


Mushroom Time: Your Michigan Morel Hunting Guide

Let the hunting – and feeding – frenzy begin! Morel mushroom season is upon us in Michigan. With warmer temperatures, searching for the tasty fungi is a great way to get outdoors and take in a beautiful spring day. The…



Why I’m Not Obsessing about a Perfect Body After Baby

All signs are pointing to the fact that I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy. Of course, the calendar is an unavoidable reminder that my due date is rapidly approaching. There are also some not-so-pleasant rites of passage that I’ve…



Activities to Help your Kids Go Green on Earth Day

Earth Day, which happens this year on Friday, April 22, is the perfect time to educate your little ones about the importance of respecting nature and keeping our environment healthy. Across Michigan, you’ll discover lots of fun events perfect for…


Prevent Pollution, Water Your Garden for Less with a Rain Barrel

If you want to see full blooms in your flower or vegetable garden this summer, consistent watering will likely be necessary. Harnessing rain water for use in your home garden is relatively easy and it can help ease downstream water…



Working Toward a World Without Blood Cancers

As owner of Andiamo Restaurant Group, I understand the impact Leukemia and Lymphoma can have on our lives, our families and our health. In 2011, I lost a dear friend, James Giftos, following his long battle with Multiple Myeloma, a…