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The Insider’s Guide to the Best Biking Near Traverse City

Traverse City is a biking paradise, with miles upon miles of roads and trails worth exploring. We asked Tim Brick, owner of popular local bike shop, Brick Wheels, for his top picks for where to go when you’re in town….


Sturgeon Point Lighthouse Getting Makeover In Time for Memorial Day

A group of Michigan tourism professionals will descend on the small town of Harrisville this week to give some much-needed TLC to a historic lighthouse, just in time for its Memorial Day weekend opening. The Sturgeon Point Lighthouse is one…

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Avocados: Good For More Than Just Guacamole

Avocados tend to get overlooked unless you’re making guacamole or topping a salad. But the smooth texture and mild flavor of these fruits (yes, fruits!) make them a nutritious addition – or substitution – to many recipes. They are a…



Is Everyone Around You Feeling Happy and You’re Not?

At this point, most people have heard of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a depression brought on by changes in seasons. Most of the time, SAD starts in the fall and goes through the winter, making you feel moody and low on…

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Five Essential Ingredients for a Healthy Diet

Do all the parts of a healthy diet seem a bit complicated? Are you scratching your head when it comes to figuring out proper amounts of nutrients, protein, carbohydrate and fat? You are not alone. Healthy eating sounds simple enough…


First of Three School Days Games a Hit with West Michigan Students

Students from across West Michigan packed the stands for the first of three West Michigan Whitecaps School Days Games, presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Educational activities and health and wellness challenges greeted attendees as they streamed in…

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Know Which Foods to Limit or Avoid When You are Pregnant

As a registered dietitian, I have discussed the “proper” diet with many a pregnant woman. This includes the standard advice to eat well-balanced, nutrient-dense foods with lots of color throughout the day, making sure to include whole grains, lean proteins and plenty of water…


Five Ways to Prevent One of the Most Common Injuries

Ever have that feeling of wanting to head to the gym, go for a long walk around the neighborhood or just play with your kids in the backyard only to be limited by knee pain? You’re not alone. Frequent knee pain…

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The grieving process of a breast cancer diagnosis

This blog post is part of #HealthyMe, a personalized web experience based on your health and wellness goals. To sign up today, visit http://www.ahealthiermichigan.org/healthyme   Everyone has different responses to a breast cancer diagnosis.  Once the immediate shock wears off, people can go through a…

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