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Do You Know the New Guidelines for Eating Sugar?

With weight loss resolutions in full swing, you may be obsessing over calorie counts or figuring out how to remove carbohydrates from your diet, but there’s something else you should keep an eye on: added sugar. If you follow health…



Fit Like Fido: 5 Healthy Habits You Can Learn From Your Dog

Believe it or not, man’s best friend can teach you a thing or two about living a healthy lifestyle. Just look at how your dog behaves when you get home: They don’t want to lounge on the sofa, they want…

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6 Easy Ways to Get Started with Self-Improvement

How does attitude impact well-being? Think of the phrase “actions speak louder than words.” Small yet positive actions can make a big difference. When it comes to taking control of self-improvement, the same concept applies. There are small things we can…

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Appetite Seem Out of Control? Put a Stop to Mindless Snacking With These Tips

Sometimes it can seem like your appetite has a mind of its own. Maybe it’s an hour after lunch and you’re hungry for chips, or perhaps you’ve finish cleaning up after dinner and all of a sudden you’re filling a…



Macomb Dancer Prepares for UDA Nationals

Dance is a way to express yourself through movement, as well as build strength, stamina and endurance. Being on a dance team also teaches teamwork, growing together and creating a bond that lasts a lifetime. As the UDA National Dance Team Championship approaches, teams from all…


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Grand Rapids School Offers Second Chance for Students

Open the cupboards in most high school administrators’ offices and you’ll likely find typical supplies such as paper, pens, and files. Thurston King has that stuff too, but he also has a space devoted to winter hats, clean socks, and…

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Grand Rapids Hairstylist Gifts Kidney to Client

Ask anyone who knows Becky Richard if they’re surprised about her decision to become a living organ donor and you’ll get the same basic response. Not at all. Not even a little bit. When the Eastown Salon hairstylist heard a client…

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6 Tips to Creating Your Own Michigan Scavenger Hunt on Wheels

Everyone’s heard of scavenger hunts and some people know about geocaching, but have you ever heard of a road rally? Think of it as group-style scavenger hunt where each team uses a car to get from place to place. The…

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Pregnant? Ideas for What to Eat and Drink Instead of the Stuff You’re Not Supposed To

It’s kind of cruel, really. When you’re pregnant, there’s an expectation you’re going to eat more, but a lot of stuff you really love is now off-limits. Before you feel completely deprived, there are a number of ways to still…