5 Ways to Add Turmeric to Your Diet

If you need more than the rich, warm, and golden hue of turmeric as a reason to add it to your pantry staples, here are five promising health benefits, and a few recipes that feature this on-trend spice: Natural healing…


3 Spring Break Snack Ideas from the Lansing YMCA

If you and your kids are staying close to home over spring break, make sure to have plenty of healthy snacks on hand to keep them from noshing on unhealthier options. The following three recipes are provided by the Lansing…

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St. Patrick’s Day: Get Your Plate in Shape with these Healthy Green Food Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day can mean more than green beer. Think going green as a benefit to your body and your health. This week’s National Nutrition Month post includes a few recipes that you and your family can enjoy for breakfast, lunch and…



Green Juices and Smoothies to Kick Off St. Patrick’s Day

Tomorrow is St. Patrick ’s Day, which is the perfect excuse to whip up a packed-with-nutrients green juice or smoothie for breakfast. They may be the color of grass, but the combinations of fruits and vegetables are delicious and will leave…


Recipes That Recreate Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies—Only Healthier!

It can be close to impossible to resist the siren call of Girl Scout cookies. But if you’re trying to cut down on high-sugar processed foods, you might not want to have boxes of the sweet treats around your house….


6 Mouthwatering Recipes Under 300 Calories

Do you want to eat your favorite foods, without feeling guilty about the calories?  You can, if you swap out the not-so-healthy ingredients. Simple food swaps can help you maintain a healthier diet and eating healthier is a breeze when you…



The Secret to Cooking Delicious Eggs in the Microwave

Starting your day off with eggs is one of the healthiest moves you can make. That said, if you’re like most people, busy weekday mornings are not ideal for getting out a skillet and spatula and whipping up an omelet. But…


Mediterranean Meals to Brighten (and Lighten) Up Winter

Unlike some healthy-eating fads, the Mediterranean diet isn’t going anywhere. And for good reason: It was recently ranked the best plant-based diet and the third best diet overall by U.S. News & World Report. A major selling point? Unlike restrictive…


Skinny Dips: Give Your Veggie Tray a Makeover

Whether you’re having people over for the big game or going to a football-watching party, it can be tough to find anything healthy to snack on. Fried chicken wings, loaded nachos and jalapeno poppers may be delicious, but they’ll leave…