Eating Out


Healthier restaurant options while visiting the NAIAS in downtown Detroit

No matter where you are in the city of Detroit there are lots of delicious food options. Unfortunately eating out doesn’t always provide the healthiest options, especially for those trying to work on New Year’s resolutions. The National American International…


The superfoods of 2014 and other tasty trends

Everyone knows that kale and quinoa were the nutritional all-stars of 2013, so we decided to dig around and find out which health foods are going to steal the spotlight in the new year. The good news is that with…


Headed to college? Tips to avoid the dreaded “freshman 15″

Ah, the first year of college. The flow of new experiences can be overwhelming: The food, the friends, the fun, the food. Admittedly I, like many others thrown into the pool of college, managed to gain the “freshmen fifteen.”  It…



Enjoy dining in Ann Arbor without breaking the bank

I like to consider myself a foodie, but when it comes time to choose a restaurant, I am often stuck. I get overwhelmed by the plethora of choices in Ann Arbor and typically end up picking a place that is…


Easy tips to visualize portion size

One of the hardest parts about trying to eat right and exercise is working hard and making the healthy choices, yet still not seeing the exact results that align with your goals. Not achieving those goals can leave you feeling…


Frozen yogurt: healthy or hidden trap?

The influx of frozen yogurt shops in the United States has created a “fro-yo” craze and debate over health and nutrition factors present in the frozen treat.  In fact, from the Fall of 2010 to the Fall of 2011, the…



Fast-food breakfast sandwiches can negatively impact your heart before your next meal

In this fast paced world, it’s quite common to leave the house in the morning without eating breakfast.  Millions of people do it.  There are countless tasks that must be taken care of at home before the work day even…


Where to go to find great vegetarian — and vegan — restaurants around Detroit

Let’s say you’re new to Detroit or are visiting for the first time. You’re vegetarian or vegan, and you’re wondering where to eat. Well, fear not: Like a trusted old friend, A Healthier Michigan has gotcha covered. Vegetarian cuisine has…


Don’t be chicken, try these tasty fajitas!

Sometimes when we are constantly running around completing different tasks throughout the day, we hardly have any time to cook a healthy meal. Instead, we stop at fast food restaurants because the  food is fast, cheap and convenient. If you…





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