Eating Out


LINC Up Soul Food Café Serves More than Good Eats

Step into the LINC Up Soul Food Café in Grand Rapids and you’ll feel an immediate sense of warmth. Home-cooked aromas fill the air while a cozy and welcoming vibe encourage you to make yourself at home. While the food, described…


Good Eats, Good Cause: GR’s Goodwill Food Truck First of its Kind

When you think Goodwill, does food come to mind? Although the organization’s secondhand shops are the most visible and plentiful job-training sites, Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids is working to make careers in the food service industry a core…



Garden to Table: Restaurants That Grow Their Own Food

Farm-to-table restaurants—which is when a restaurant serves food from specific farms in the region and often calls out the farm on the menu—are still a hot trend in the Michigan dining scene. But you can go a step further and eat…


Michigan Farm-to-Table Restaurants Roundup

  If you’re looking for a meal that’s fresh and locally-sourced, farm-to-table restaurants have you covered. The trend of restaurants using ingredients fresh from the farm shows no signs of slowing down as consumers demand quality and sustainability in their food….


Chuck Gaidica: A Visit to the 5-H Farms Stand

Editor’s note: Chuck Gaidica is a paid spokesperson for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, where he works to have real conversations with local people about matters that affect their health.  I love roadside farmer’s stands. I have traveled the state the…

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Walking Paths & Food Trucks: The Perfect Lunchtime Pair

Taking a walk at lunch can be great for your health, happiness and productivity at work (not to mention a good way to squeeze some outdoor time into your busy day!). But if you do head out for a mid-day…


Keepin’ it Green with Collard Greens: Making Soul Food the Healthy Way

  Southern soul food cuisine is one of the most comforting cuisines around. Composed of classic dishes such as cornbread, candied sweet potatoes, and grits, soul food has been a staple in many African-American homes for decades. Despite the reputation of comfort and good…


3 Ways to Stick to Your Diet at Fast-Casual Restaurants

Eating out at restaurants can be unavoidable at times. Even the healthiest of us find ourselves eating out at fast-casual dining establishments. Whether it’s because of a work lunch or catching up with friends, eating out is not necessarily a…


Celebrate Michigan Cider This Week!

Michigan’s prominence as a craft beer state is well known and without dispute. Now, Michigan hard cider producers are teaming up to make sure they have a place at the tap. The first-ever Michigan Cider Week will take place April…