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Cross Country Ski Trails You Won’t Want to Miss This Winter

While there hasn’t been a huge statewide snowstorm yet this winter, chances are there will be one soon. And that’s actually a good thing since a fresh coat of snow means the chance to head out and do some winter-specific…



Your All-In-One Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

The next week tends to be anything but healthy—stressful family interactions, indulgent food and packed schedules that leave little time for healthy habits. We pulled together our best tips from our Pinterest page, giving you the healthiest holidays yet without…



Six Annoying Gym Behaviors to Break

As an active gym member, I avoid going during crowded times. To me, it seems the more people there are, the more bad gym behaviors tend to surface. Following proper etiquette might seem like a no-brainier when sharing a big…


Make Time for Your Health All Winter Long

During the holidays, the days get shorter, “to-do” lists get longer and exercise tends to find itself lower and lower on everyone’s list of priorities. Add in the harsh bite of cold winter weather and physical exercise may be erased…


Ten Songs to Pump Up Your Workout Playlist

Whether you’re lifting at the gym or hitting the trail for a run, music can be an essential part of any workout. Studies have shown music can help to reduce stress, boost mood and positively impact the cardiovascular system. In fact, a recent…


Stay Active Through the Seasons

Like it or not, winter is right around the corner. Even though the weather is turning cold, the change in seasons is a great time to think about your fitness and health goals. In addition to enhancing or changing up…



Partner Up for Big Results

On some days, squeezing in a trip to the gym feels impossible. Whether you’re working to meet deadlines at work, shuffling kids to school or heading to the grocery store, there always seems to be an excuse to skip your…


“Let’s Talk Health” Event Coming to Southwest Detroit Oct. 3

There’s always something going on in Detroit and this weekend is no exception. This Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015, Western International High School will double as a hub for all things healthy in the heart of southwest Detroit. Blue Cross Blue Shield…

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7 Simple Ways to Make Your Next Run More Fun

If the idea of lacing up your tennis shoes seems daunting, you may need to rethink your approach. Running is the most popular activity in America after walking. According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, 29.8 million Americans run…