Workout Tips


Cross Country Ski Trails You Won’t Want to Miss This Winter

While there hasn’t been a huge statewide snowstorm yet this winter, chances are there will be one soon. And that’s actually a good thing since a fresh coat of snow means the chance to head out and do some winter-specific…


Saginaw YMCA Member Runs for His Community

The benefits of running are clearly reflected in David Hall: he’s more confident, has more energy and feels stronger. More important to Hall though is how his running habits have affected his family and community. Hall is currently training for…


Tired of Lifting Weights? Try Calisthenics

  Let’s face it: consistently working out is hard. Only 18 percent of Americans reach the recommended level of cardiovascular and muscle-strengthening activity in a week. As if consistency wasn’t hard enough, people like me can be intimidated by heavy…


Sore No More: How to Avoid Post-Exercise Pain

If you’ve recently exercised for the first time in a long while (good for you!) or pushed yourself super hard at the gym (way to go!), you might be noticing that the next day your muscles ache so badly you…


January gym survival guide

Survive the January Gym Crush

There’s nothing worse than, after finding the motivation to drag yourself out into the cold and into the gym, you walk in to find it at maximum capacity with exercisers packed in like sardines. This time of year, with lose-weight…


No Gym? No Problem. Get in Cardio Without Leaving Home

Traveling for the holidays can be completely disruptive to your workout routine. You aren’t near your gym and there’s no guarantee there will be any exercise equipment where you’re staying. While you can strength train using just your body weight,…


All You Need to Become a Winter Cyclist

When snowy weather arrives, you might think that bicycling season is over. But with a few tips and the right gear, cycling can be an all-year round activity. In fact, it’s a great way to stay active outside, which can…



Weight Training for Women: Tips from a New “Lady Lifter”

With six months until W-Day (wedding day), I recently challenged myself to take on a new fitness program—something I’ve never done before because I never thought I could. I decided to start free-weight training as part of my #HealthyMe goals….


Winterize Your Workout: Learn to Love Exercising Indoors

In the springtime, exercisers across Michigan hang up their gym passes and take their cardio outside. But this time of year, the migration moves the opposite way. Cooler weather and fewer hours of sunlight mean that once again it’s time…