Workout Tips

When you’re at the gym, do you ever ask yourself if you’re doing it right?

When I began my workout regimen in February, I was consistent, I was sweaty and I was pumped to see my results. After 30 days of exercise with few noticeable changes, I consulted a friend who happens to be a…


You too can become a morning exerciser!

You don’t have to be a natural early bird to start up a morning exercise routine. But you do have to accept one thing: It’s not necessarily going to be easy to crawl out from under your blanket an hour…


Don’t be guilty of these rookie running mistakes

Whether you have your very first 5k in your sights or just want to give jogging a shot, there is a lot to consider when starting out with running (and it’s not all common sense). That’s why we’ve compiled some…



The right way to stay fit and healthy while pregnant

While the most common pregnancy myth is that an expecting mother needs to eat for two, a close second is the myth that you have to sacrifice your fitness routine to keep you and your baby healthy. If you’re already…


Refresher course on bike safety

A quick refresher course on proper bike safety

  Believe it or not, warmer weather is right around the corner, which means soon we’ll be able to venture outside and enjoy the natural beauty of the Mitten State. And one of the most popular ways to take in…


The science behind the perfect workout playlist

Is there such a thing as the best workout mix? It turns out, there is. A recent study showed what most athletes and gym rats already know: That upbeat music makes exercise feel easier and that the right collection of…



Local Grand Rapids photographer catches running bug and becomes a Warrior

The Fifth Third River Bank Run, America’s largest 25K road race, takes place in downtown Grand Rapids this May 10, 2014. The race incorporates the West Michigan racing community and beyond from all fitness levels, beginner through advanced. The Fifth…


Women: Pumping iron can help your heart pump better too!

How many times have you seen it…you open up your latest women’s exercise magazine and you see a tall, skinny, frail-looking model lifting 5-pound dumbbells while balancing on one leg? Although it may be a place to start it’s not…


January gym survival guide

Survive the January gym crush

There’s nothing worse than, after finding the motivation to drag yourself out into the cold and into the gym, you walk in to find it at maximum capacity with exercisers packed in like sardines. This time of year, with lose-weight…





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