Let Loose and WERQ It!

What do you get when you mix funky dance moves, plyometrics, and pop and hip-hop music together? A really fun and challenging workout. Er, make that WERQ-out. My two left feet and I (see Zumba), recently sampled a free WERQ…


Ditch the Big Yellow Bus and Take a Walking One Instead!

Yes, it’s true, the wheels on the bus go round and round, but this fall, there’s an even better way to get to and from school. It’s called a walking school bus and it’s a triple threat: getting kids more…


Reach Old Age in Good Health with Tips from Michigan Seniors

Stay active. That was the most common advice from seniors who shared their healthy tips at the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival Senior Day. The event was sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network, North…




The Silent Killer: Six Things You Need to Know

You have probably heard about high blood pressure, also called hypertension, but you may not know why it’s important to understand. Blood pressure (BP) is the force of blood against the artery wall. If your blood pressure stays high over…


#HealthyMe: From Overweight and Unhealthy to Competing in a Triathalon

I went from having a completely sedentary lifestyle, and being out of shape, to competing in an Ironman branded triathlon race and other extreme endurance events in two and a half years. I played Rugby in high school and college,…


#HealthyMe: BCBSM Employee Takes Faith in Wellness Personally

Helping local Grand Rapids-area churches grow their wellness ministries led Cle Jackson to his spiritual home. Now, Jackson is stepping up to help lead his congregation toward better health. As a BCBSM senior community liaison, Jackson organizes and promotes healthy…



The Guide to Finding Your Perfect Bike

There’s no better way to experience Michigan than with a bike ride through one of the state’s 1,300+ trails. But before you pedal off into the sun, it’s important you have the right equipment. When selecting your two-wheeler, consider the…


Eight Health and Fitness Myths Debunked

There are all kinds of myths out there about health and fitness. What workouts are best, what foods cause weight loss, exactly how many sit ups do you need to be doing to see abs? Lets take a look at…



MI Big Green Gym: Making Memories at Local Parks

Whether it’s a small, tree-dappled respite from the city’s concrete, an expanse of undisturbed natural beauty, or the shoreline of your favorite lake, public parks – especially in Michigan – are the place to be. We sometimes take them for…