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Best Total-Body Toning Moves: No Gym Membership Required

Sure you could do a strength training move that just works your biceps or your hamstrings, but why would you when instead you can do a move that strengthens multiple muscles from your head to your toes? Dynamic moves increase…



How To: 5-Minute Desk Exercises with Resistance Bands

With a busy schedule, finding time to exercise might be just another item to tack on the already impossibly long to-do list. Angelia Johnson, certified fitness coach and an executive assistant at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, knows that doesn’t have…



6 Hard “Core” Exercises to Get You Fitter in 2016

Stronger abs not only slim your waistline, but can also improve your posture, prevent lower back pain and help you breathe properly. But when it comes to getting your core in shape, there are a lot of different options (planks…


Tired of Lifting Weights? Try Calisthenics

  Let’s face it: consistently working out is hard. Only 18 percent of Americans reach the recommended level of cardiovascular and muscle-strengthening activity in a week. As if consistency wasn’t hard enough, people like me can be intimidated by heavy…


Tone Your Core With These 5 Updated Plank Exercises

Sure having a slim and strong core looks great, but it also has loads of health benefits. Studies show strengthening your midsection can result in better balance, improved posture and less back pain. And one of the best ways to…


Kick off 2015 with Frozen Nose Hairs in Traverse City

Have you resolved to get outside in the New Year? Start in Traverse City on New Year’s Day with a fun 5K Resolution Run. Race promoters are asking you to step up and make the following pledges if you sign…



Weight Training for Women: Tips from a New “Lady Lifter”

With six months until W-Day (wedding day), I recently challenged myself to take on a new fitness program—something I’ve never done before because I never thought I could. I decided to start free-weight training as part of my #HealthyMe goals….


Sign Up for Michigan Turkey Trot Races and Kick Off a Healthy Holiday Season

Robyn Rakoniewski ran track in high school, but hung up her running shoes to devote herself to a full-time career, family, and raising two children. “Life was always an excuse,” she said. Last year, the 41-year-old decided it was time…


Start a New, Healthier Thanksgiving Tradition

Sure it’s a holiday that’s all about family and food, but what if you devoted a little bit of Thanksgiving to fitness as well? Thanks to turkey trots around the state, it couldn’t be easier to sneak some exercise into…