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About Kristina Williams-Lee

Kristina Williams-Lee is a writer and editor for the Blues, Quin’s wife, mother of five (yes, five) beautiful children, and hopelessly in love with Detroit – some days, not in that order. I’m also a student, volunteer, music lover, spoken word novice and a fist-pick packing supporter of the natural hair movement. And like you, I’m on a quest for a healthier existence – mind, body and soul.

Prescription drug abuse: Why 04/27/13 is so important

Honor is powerful. Among other ways, it motivates us to change the world as we know it, when death snatches up our loved ones way too soon and flips us upside down. Honor puts purpose to pain. Mark Rudolph, Susan…

Myth or truth: Do greasy foods cause acne?

Let me just say this, right out of the gate: The majority of health experts label this a myth. However, I did find something interesting in my research that you may want to consider. But first things first – if not…

Chef’s gear: The fundamentals

Regardless of background, all chefs have one thing in common – basic gear that’s essential to a good run in the kitchen. Their lists vary slightly, of course, but certain items are just staples across the board. Check out this…


Volunteers, anyone? Give back & get happy

A lot of us – myself included – muddle through November and December, fighting the holiday blues because we can’t afford to get all of the stuff that we see on TV. And some are missing loved ones that are…

Healthy Community

Myth or truth: the five-second rule

You know the story. It’s the start of another family movie night, and the aroma of Mom’s irresistible chocolate chip brownies permeate the entire house, diverting everyone’s attention to the beautiful wonders forming in the oven. Mom’s brownies have been…

How much does your pack-a-day habit really cost?

Smoking costs far more than the cash or credit you’re spending at check-out. Take a look at the Cost of Smoking infographic below, and see what you’re really spending on a pack-a-day habit. Infographic by Cost of Smoking


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