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Jeff Rubleski serves as Director of Sales Strategy for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and is a certified Healthcare Reform Specialist. Jeff serves as the GlidePath go-to-market lead in implementing this defined contribution solution for active and retired members. Prior to joining Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Jeff served as the Marketing Strategist and Chief Operating Officer for the Wellness Council of America, where he led the development of a complete line of wellness publications that are distributed to employees in organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

Are you ready for the retirement wave?

A little less hair, a few more laugh lines. You see the signs every day, but not their implications: With each passing year, more and more employees are getting closer to retirement. Over the last decade, according to the U.S….

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How employers plan to control health costs in 2013

Some good news/bad news for employers. On the bright side of the ledger, your strategies for health care cost control are working. The Kaiser Family Foundation’s latest study of employer-sponsored health insurance among companies of all sizes reported annual premiums…

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Health reform myths and misconceptions

Ignorance is definitely not bliss in the business world. But what’s even worse is being misinformed. Whenever you think you know something that turns out to be untrue, you are much more likely to make questionable decisions or take actions…

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Health Insurance Report

What Michigan employers plan to do about costs and employee benefits With health costs continuing to rise and key Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions set to go into effect in 2014, every employer faces the same vexing question: What should…

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Giving employees a better “shopping” experience

More than half of all American consumers bought something online last holiday season. And retailers went all out trying to make the shopping experience simple, helpful and trouble-free. According to a recent study commissioned by Foresee, overall customer satisfaction with…

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Choosing a health plan: Five mistakes your company needs to avoid

Does your company want to be an employer of choice? What new options are available to limit your cost exposure? Is increasing worker productivity one of your major goals? These are just some of the issues to consider when determining…

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Health plans should be as flexible as your business

As employers we all know, health plans and their benefits are like hats, suits or dresses: One size doesn’t fit all. Just as your business must adapt to the changing needs of your customers, you need to be flexible when choosing and…

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Private or Public? Know your options for health insurance exchanges

State-based health plan exchanges, which are mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), are about to become a reality. As we covered in an earlier blog, the purpose of these exchanges is to help individuals and small businesses compare and…

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Part 2: Defined contribution health plans: Are you up to speed on the next big thing?

In our last post, we noted that Bloomberg Businessweek and Fox Business News have reported that defined contribution health plans will become “The Next Big Thing” in health benefits gradually taking over the health insurance market. Yet in our recent online survey of benefit decision makers at…

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