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Are Your Beliefs About Weight Loss Holding You Back From Better Health?

People love to give helpful advice … but when it comes to weight loss, the majority of the advice is not accurate. I found this to be true during and even AFTER my 162-pound weight loss. Many caring individuals tried to share their personal weight-loss…


Stop Trying to Climb the New Year’s Resolution Mountain; Climb the Smaller Hills Instead

How is your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight going? We’re almost three weeks into 2015 already, and since it takes 21 days to form a new habit (AKA: a New Year’s resolution), then you are almost there! But as I…

Treat yourself to a gift that “keeps on giving” in more ways than one

I can’t stop thinking about the gym – I am hooked!  While that may seem totally normal for some, wanting to get to the gym have never been the norm for me…  well, not until now. For the majority of…


You don’t need to be perfect when you live a healthier lifestyle!

How many times have you told yourself that you really need to start living healthier?  It’s a common thought that a lot of people have.  But oftentimes it ends there … as just a thought. It’s not that you don’t…


A healthy way to allow wishes to come true for those who need them

If I approached you with an idea that assisted in granting a terminally ill child their biggest wish, most likely you’d want to hear more about it.  Once I informed you that the idea involved being taken to Traverse City,…


“Because of you …” The 170 pound weight-loss that created that statement

Today’s post is special to me. It’s about helping someone; in fact, it is more about changing a person’s life. If a person fell into deep water, we would do whatever we could to keep them from drowning. We would help…


A reminder of just how good walking is for our health

“Sometimes we all need a simple reminder of just how good walking is for our health.” That was one of the comments made to me by an individual I met during a conference held earlier this month at the Walter…


A “Second Chance” for NBC’s Biggest Losers this season!

Fifteen individuals will begin their weight loss journey this evening; it’s my plan to witness each one of them doing so.  Tonight is the season premiere of Season 15 of NBC’s hit reality show The Biggest Loser.  I’ll definitely be watching….


How to see the positive in a negative situation: Rebecca’s story.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the positive in a negative situation, but it can be done. Just how do I know that? Because I recently witnessed it and it made me stop and think. But the thoughts that went through…