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Jackson Mom Found a Way to Help Her Family Get Outside

I want you to think back to some of your fondest childhood memories. When I think about some of my fondest moments as a child, the majority involve being outside. To this day, hearing the sweet melody of an ice…



Working Toward a World Without Blood Cancers

As owner of Andiamo Restaurant Group, I understand the impact Leukemia and Lymphoma can have on our lives, our families and our health. In 2011, I lost a dear friend, James Giftos, following his long battle with Multiple Myeloma, a…


3 Ways Women Can Support One Another in the Workplace

Work environments can sometimes be competitive, and even more so for women hoping to attain leadership positions. As a result, many women can find it difficult to support one another during their climb up the corporate ladder. Unintentional slights, also called…


Why I Race to Stop Pulmonary Hypertension

My daughter Mackenzie brightened the lives of her family and friends with her constant, contagious and incredible smile and big hugs. She had a way of warming the hearts of people of all ages. She was a fun friend and…


Parents: It’s OK To Take Time for Yourself

It feels counter intuitive for many parents, but focusing on yourself is actually great for your children. With all of the stresses and responsibilities that come with being a parent, it is tempting to simply sacrifice taking care of yourself…


Better Kidney Health For Kids: Seven Golden Rules

More than 900,000 Michigan adults have chronic kidney disease and most don’t know it. In most cases, chronic kidney disease can be managed or prevented to delay the onset of other health complications. This March, the National Kidney Foundation of…


Four Reasons to Try Bodyweight Exercises Next Time You Work Out

Bodyweight exercises are an effective way to get strong by lifting nothing but… you. In fact, all major muscle groups can be engaged without using free weights or machines. According to WebMD, “Muscles respond to virtually anything that offers resistance……


Father Holding Daughter's Hand

How to Talk to Your Children about Difficult Topics

Children are exposed to difficult issues all of the time. They could be on the playground, at home, in the classroom, or watching TV. The news is often a source of troubling, confusing, and sometimes disturbing content, and TV shows…

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Four Easy Ways to Protect Your Eyes During the Winter

It’s obvious how harsh Michigan winters can take a toll on your body – rough hands and feet, chapped lips and flaky skin are all side effects of the dry, freezing air that takes hold this time of year. But…