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13 (Non-Candy) Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Love

With the focus on trick-or-treating and an abundance of candy and sweets, Halloween can be a difficult time for parents to encourage their kids to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain a nutritious diet.   Fortunately, you can achieve a…

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Making the Choice to Change My Eating Habits to Improve My Health

I was raised in a Puerto Rican household where food equaled love.  Rice, beans, fried plantains, and pork, were a standard staple in my home.  Overeating and a sedentary lifestyle led me to gain weight over the years.  It did…

#HealthyMe: From Overweight and Unhealthy to Competing in a Triathalon

I went from having a completely sedentary lifestyle, and being out of shape, to competing in an Ironman branded triathlon race and other extreme endurance events in two and a half years. I played Rugby in high school and college,…



Get Lost in Nature at These Five Southeast Michigan Gems

I have found one very simple approach to enhancing my family’s health: heading outside. This is because people outside move more. In fact, I can   stand by the fact that inside kids can’t possibly be getting the minimal amount of…

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Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle

I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where I like OK, that wasn’t one of Queen’s better songs, but the lyrics say it all….


#HealthyMe: Why do I like to ride my bike?

I like getting up very early in the morning to head to work, and rolling through the normally bustling neighborhoods that are so quiet, you can hear the rabbits rustling through the flower beds. I like the empty streets, and…


Take a ride this summer and join the Michigander Bicycle Tour

Every July, hundreds of bicycling enthusiasts gather in Michigan to experience the joy of Michigan summers. The Michigander Bicycle Tour, now in its 23rd year, showcases some of the 2,444 multi-use trails that Michigan has to offer. July 12 through…

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Understanding what my #HealthyMe looks like

I joined BCBSM in 2009 and in early 2010; I took on the role of facilitator for a fitness group challenge in my department. I’m social and was quite chunky, so leading and participating was a win-win for me. One…

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A movie with a message

This is the fourth and final part of a series exploring alcoholism in Michigan written by Carly Keyes, a recovering alcoholic who is on a mission to improve awareness about the disease and ensure others find the help they need….

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