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Husband, father, blogger, student, Detroiter. I am a social media coordinator for BCBSM.

Protecting your toddler from the potential dangers of their new treasure

Toddlers may be tiny, but their little hands are surprisingly quick—especially when they discover something new. Something else that’s quick: The speed a toddler can put that fascinating new item into his or her mouth. Usually there isn’t much damage…

How do you get the most out of your relationship with a Primary Care Physician?

Even to those of us in the health insurance industry, keeping track of every acronym used can be confusing. And we can sometimes forget that when we start using acronyms without telling a non-industry person what they mean, it can…

Pancreatic cancer robbed me of my best friend

Almost four and a half years ago, pancreatic cancer robbed me of my best friend. My Grandfather wasn’t the only family member I have who has battled some form of cancer, nor was it his first fight. But he is…


Food desert? Blogger aims to photograph 115 Detroit grocery stores, one bike ride at a time

I read the blog The People of Detroit for the first time soon after the Chris Hansen Dateline NBC April 2010 episode called America Now: City of Heartbreak and Hope, which negatively portrayed the city. What struck me about People of…

Positive Michigan

MI Big Green Gym: P.J. Hoffmaster State Park

When it comes to beautiful sand dunes in Michigan, most people would name the Sleeping Bear Dunes a perennial favorite, or maybe the dunes around Silver Lake.  But for my money, there are few places that are quite as beautiful…

Positive Michigan

#MITrailsWeek: Paul Henry-Thornapple Trail

The western terminus of this trail is in Grand Rapids, a city most of us are pretty familiar with. The eastern terminus is 42 miles away, in the sleepy town of Vermontville. What was once part of a rail-line that…



smartER: How long do you feel safe to wait before seeing a physician?

You probably expect a health insurance company to say people need to be selective about when they go to their local hospital’s emergency room because it is typically more expensive to be treated there. But what if you were told…


A new dad’s guide to staying awake at conferences

Conferences can be viewed in two ways, either they are a great excuse to party for a few days or they are excellent ways to learn and network within your industry. I’m the type of new dad that wants to…

Wellness at Work

Body & Soul and the Blues Community Challenge: Using NuVal to find healthy foods

It can be hard to know what food in your local grocery store is healthy. Conventional wisdom holds that if you stick to the perimeter of the store, where the fresh produce and meat are, you should be just fine….





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