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Back to School: 7 Steps to a Better Bedtime Routine

Your kids are either already back in school or heading there soon, which means that everyone is your family is trying to get back into a proper sleep schedule. It’s easier said than done. Over the summer, kids usually stay…

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Exercise Man is on a Mission to Make His Community Healthier

Editor’s Note: Burrell Solomon (aka “Exercise Man”) is a paid spokesperson for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. When it comes to starting a new workout regimen, there’s one thing Exercise Man says is key to getting started on the right path: “Don’t be…

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Family Road Trip Survival Guide: Fun Games Everyone Will Love

Labor Day weekend is coming up, which means you’ve got one more chance to take a vacation before summer ends. And for many Michigan families, that means going on a road trip. While traveling by car means you have to deal…

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Are Hot Workouts Good for You?

While hot yoga isn’t brand new (Bikram Choudhury has been practicing yoga in higher temperatures for more than 30 years), it’s still one of the trendier way to work out in 2015. And lately, the idea of exercising in a hot room…


Adventure Seekers Take Note: Tips for Hiking Solo

Exploring the great outdoors offers a unique sense of solitude, peace and accomplishment. And there’s no better place than Michigan to hike new trails and explore the unknown. But if you’ve been inspired by the book and movie Wild to…


6 Totally Obscure, Super Fun Michigan Sports Leagues

Have you ever heard of Fowling? How about Broomball? If you think those sound like made up words, you’re not alone. But they are actually real sports that have actual leagues you can join in Michigan. Check out these six unique…




Garden to Table: Restaurants That Grow Their Own Food

Farm-to-table restaurants—which is when a restaurant serves food from specific farms in the region and often calls out the farm on the menu—are still a hot trend in the Michigan dining scene. But you can go a step further and eat…


Michigan Watermelon: 9 Ways to Go Beyond the Wedge

When you think of your favorite things about summer, it’s almost impossible not to have watermelon high up on your list. The delicious fruit isn’t just refreshing and low in calories, it’s also full of vitamins A, B6 and C as…


Michigan Tomatoes: The Six Varieties You Need to Taste

Whether you say to-may-to or to-mah-to, you can’t deny that grown-in-Michigan tomatoes are delicious! Lots of different varieties can grow quickly and abundantly here, which begs the question: Which kind of tomato is the tastiest? August is actually the perfect time to…