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Tired All the Time? Here’s When to See a Doctor

If you regularly wake up unrested or even exhausted and feel like you drag through most days, you’re not alone. Only one in seven Americans feel well-rested and refreshed every day of the week, according to a recent survey. In…

Water, Water Everywhere … Be Sure to Wet Your Whistle

H2O: two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen.  This simple combination happens to be one of the most important substances for our health. It keeps our body humming. Every metabolic system in our body requires water to function properly.  Water protects…

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Best Total-Body Toning Moves: No Gym Membership Required

Sure you could do a strength training move that just works your biceps or your hamstrings, but why would you when instead you can do a move that strengthens multiple muscles from your head to your toes? Dynamic moves increase…



Do You Know the New Guidelines for Eating Sugar?

With weight loss resolutions in full swing, you may be obsessing over calorie counts or figuring out how to remove carbohydrates from your diet, but there’s something else you should keep an eye on: added sugar. If you follow health…



Fit Like Fido: 5 Healthy Habits You Can Learn From Your Dog

Believe it or not, man’s best friend can teach you a thing or two about living a healthy lifestyle. Just look at how your dog behaves when you get home: They don’t want to lounge on the sofa, they want…


Appetite Seem Out of Control? Put a Stop to Mindless Snacking With These Tips

Sometimes it can seem like your appetite has a mind of its own. Maybe it’s an hour after lunch and you’re hungry for chips, or perhaps you’ve finish cleaning up after dinner and all of a sudden you’re filling a…



6 Tips to Creating Your Own Michigan Scavenger Hunt on Wheels

Everyone’s heard of scavenger hunts and some people know about geocaching, but have you ever heard of a road rally? Think of it as group-style scavenger hunt where each team uses a car to get from place to place. The…

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Spend Less and Feel Your Best: Low Cost Gyms in Michigan

If you’re one of the many Michiganders focusing on improving your health this year, you might have considered getting a gym membership, then decided not to due to cost. While it’s true that some gyms can be costly, there are…



6 Hard “Core” Exercises to Get You Fitter in 2016

Stronger abs not only slim your waistline, but can also improve your posture, prevent lower back pain and help you breathe properly. But when it comes to getting your core in shape, there are a lot of different options (planks…