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5 Michigan Cities for a Fun, Low-Cost Spring Break Trip

If you’re a kid, spring break is amazing: A week off from school and the excitement of knowing that summer is right around the corner! But if you’re a parent, spring break can be anything-but-great. All of a sudden you…

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Help LaughFest Break a Royally Funny World Record

Ready to shake off a long, gloomy winter with some laughs? Even if it seems the temperatures will never rise, you can absolutely count on having a good time at this year’s LaughFest, a 10-day comedy extravaganza kicking off this…

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West Michigan Goes Red: Tears and Laughter Spread Heart Health Message at Lunch

May 25, 2011 is the day Holly and Bill Hollstein’s lives were forever changed. Holly Hollstein started experiencing chest and back discomfort, dizziness and lightheadedness, eventually slipping in and out of consciousness. Luckily, the couple was just leaving Spectrum Health…

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Steps Every Woman Can Take to Lower Risk of Cervical Cancer

It was one of the more common causes of cancer deaths in women, but cervical cancer rates are now on the decline. According to the American Cancer Society, over the last 30 years, the cervical cancer death rate has gone…

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Congratulations to the #MIKidsCanDance Finalists!

Earlier this year, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan called on Michigan youth dance teams to show us their best moves on Instagram for a chance to win the opportunity to perform with the Detroit Pistons Mob Squad and other…

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Fight for Air Climb Detroit (Video)

Would you climb 70 flights of stairs? How about for a good cause? The American Lung Association in Michigan encourages those who are able, to climb 70 flights of stairs to raise money to fund research and raise awareness of…

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Bite This, Not That: 4 Easy Healthy Food Swaps

Food is something to be enjoyed and it can be tough to make the healthier choice when we are faced with so many tempting things in everyday life.  Plus, giving up something completely may not always be realistic for us…


Recipes That Recreate Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies—Only Healthier!

It can be close to impossible to resist the siren call of Girl Scout cookies. But if you’re trying to cut down on high-sugar processed foods, you might not want to have boxes of the sweet treats around your house….



9 Free Family Activities Happening in March

It’s not quite winter and it’s not quite spring, but that doesn’t mean it’s not time to have fun! There are tons of fabulous, family-friendly happenings going on around the Great Lakes State this month that are entertaining and cost effective. From…

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