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Making Sure Back-to-School Lunches Keep Their Cool

  Back-to-school season is here, which means a return to packing lunches in the morning for your kids to take with them. It’s a smart idea: Packing their lunches is good for your budget and you have more control over how…

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ArtPrize 2015: GR Residents Open Homes to Artists

What do previous ArtPrize winners Beili Liu, Mia Tavonatti, Adonna Khare, Young Kim, and Anila Quayyum all have in common, besides winning? During their respective stays in Grand Rapids, they were all given shelter by local families in their homes….

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DIY: How to Grow a Window Garden for Kids

  Creating a window garden with kids can be a fun project to help get them involved in healthy eating habits. The joy of watching a seed grow into something delicious can also help encourage children to try new foods. If you’re…

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Aloe ‘Bout Aloe Vera: 15 Uses for this Miracle Plant

Half of my family is from the deep south. When I say deep south, I’m talking about Carbon Hill, a small rural city in Alabama, where everybody knows each other, and it’s as quiet as a mouse. There’s one grocery…

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Spinach and Feta Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast casseroles are a great make-ahead dish that can be kept refrigerated overnight, making breakfast a breeze the next morning. It can be easy to fall into the same old scramble when it comes to preparing breakfast. This recipe, adapted from Weight…


An ALS Caregiver’s Story: Husband’s Legacy Lives On at GR Clinic

Before his ALS diagnosis, John “JJ” Bouma was a “perfectly healthy guy.” “He was probably one of the healthiest guys you’ve ever seen,” said Pam Bouma-Miller, his widow. “It was something that took us all by great surprise.” The businessman…

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Back to School: 7 Steps to a Better Bedtime Routine

Your kids are either already back in school or heading there soon, which means that everyone is your family is trying to get back into a proper sleep schedule. It’s easier said than done. Over the summer, kids usually stay…

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Exercise Man is on a Mission to Make His Community Healthier

Editor’s Note: Burrell Solomon (aka “Exercise Man”) is a paid spokesperson for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. When it comes to starting a new workout regimen, there’s one thing Exercise Man says is key to getting started on the right path: “Don’t be…

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Campus Fresh: College Town Farmers Markets in Michigan

Between the endless intake of hot dogs and burgers during tailgate season and the destructive stress-eating habits of finals season, it really does feel as though it’s impossible to stay healthy during college. Take it from this recent college grad – I know the feeling!…