Parents: The Flu Shot Is For You, Too

When it comes to protecting your children, you probably want to do whatever you can. And now that flu season is in full swing, you can take steps to keep your children healthy. Make sure your children get their flu shot, if they’re old enough. Also encourage them to wash their hands, sneeze and cough into a tissue or elbow and steer clear from friends who are already sick. As for you, clean the house regularly, throw away used tissues and disinfect commonly touched surfaces. That pretty much covers it, right?

Not exactly.

You’re forgetting a key piece of the flu-prevention puzzle. As a parent, you need a flu shot, too. Not only does it protect you from the flu, but it provides protection to those around you, including your children. The more members of your family that receive the flu shot, the greater the effect the vaccine has on your household. This is because of something called herd immunity, which is when a large number of immunized individuals provide protection to those around them.

All members of your family benefit from you getting a flu shot, including:

  • Infants under six months of age can’t be immunized and rely on those around them to provide protection.
  • Children under five and children of all ages with a chronic condition such as asthma or diabetes are at a higher risk of complication from the flu virus.
  • Unborn children count on their mothers for protection, so pregnant women need a flu shot, too.

Protect your family by getting a flu shot today and encourage all your caregivers and frequent visitors to get their flu shot as well.

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