My journey to making exercise work for me

JourneyOne of the biggest reasons I am into fitness and nutrition is simply because it makes me feel good.  I was never one of athletic kids growing up; in fact, I was always last at almost everything.  I couldn’t do a single pull-up, I barely finished the one-mile run, and I dreaded the one minute sit up marathon.  I would have never imagined being labeled a runner or fitness junkie.  But alas, I have discovered why working out and staying fit is all the rage and working out has become like a drug that I need consistently.

My first venture into organized fitness was a 90-minute hot yoga class.  I assumed that yoga is calming and relaxing and would be a great way for me to get my feet wet.  I got my feet drenched…with sweat my first day.  Hot yoga was the hardest thing I had ever done, and I really thought I would die.  I had to take several breaks and lay down so I wouldn’t pass out.  I felt like a real fitness failure.  Since I had pre-paid for ten classes, I decided I would continue to go to the classes even if it killed me.  By the fourth class, I was feeling okay and able to get through the 90-minutes without laying down, even though I still couldn’t do all the yoga moves.

My yoga escapades led me to join a gym and eventually I started walking on the treadmill.  Once I became comfortable and realized that I wasn’t going to fly off the treadmill I started jogging.  I would only jog for 30 seconds and then walk until my heart rate recovered.  I did that until I could jog for 45 seconds and I kept pushing until I ran an entire mile without walking.   My fitness adventure has blossomed from there.

I feel great after I work out or go for a run and that feeling has kept me motivated excited about working out.  I have dabbled in yoga, running, cross fit, spinning and will try just about any workout at least once.  I have found that running is the easiest and weight training produces the best results.  I am constantly learning and changing my workouts.

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Wafa Dinaro

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Wafa is a communicator and University of Michigan and Georgetown alumna. She is a wife, mom, runner and sports fan. She loves food, travel, music, fitness, shopping, reading and sunshine.
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  1. LaTonya 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing the number one reason why I enjoy working out. I just plain feel good (sometimes the feeling comes a few minutes later after catching my breath and the pain subsides). Most days though even with a challenging workout there isn’t pain. Sometimes fatigue but I’ve learned to listen to my body and to know when I can push farther to challenge myself and when I need to back off to avoid injury.

    I’m not your sterotypical athlete either. I’m a short, round granny who loves to move and plan on moving for a long, long, long time. Great blog!