Listen up ladies! It’s time to make your health a priority!


Are you a well-woman? If not, then it’s time to take charge of your health and become one! May 11th – 17th is National Women’s Health Week, and during this week women are reminded to schedule a well-woman visit with their doctor. A well-woman visit is your annual checkup with your doctor to discuss family history, health behaviors, receive and schedule recommended preventative screenings and set your health goals.

More often than not, women tend to put their own health on the back burner because they’re too busy taking care of the needs of everyone else. If you’re a woman reading this I’m asking you, who’s going to take care of everyone if you’re not well? How can you be there for everyone else if you haven’t taken care of yourself? Regular checkups can catch a condition or illness in the early stages so it can be treated before it’s too late.

How can you participate in Women’s Health Week?

  • Organize or attend a meetup.
  • Make a pledge to yourself and your family to be an empowered well-woman!
  • Spread the word! Use the power of social media and email to encourage all the women you know to be well-women!
  • Post fliers around your workplace and web badges to your email, website, or blog.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t had your yearly well-woman visit call your doctor and schedule an appointment.

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