Trying to lose that pregnancy weight? Work out with your baby!

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Finding the time to exercise can be difficult.  Finding the time to exercise with a baby can seem impossibBaby exercisele at times.  I have found that including your baby in your workout makes it easier and ultimately helps you workout more consistently.  Make exercise fun and don’t make a chore of it.

Some simple exercises help you to move and build strength.  Doing exercises with your baby as weight is fun and easy.  As you get stronger, your baby is getting heavier and forcing you to lift more.

  • I’ve found doing squats with your baby is by far the best workout for your entire body.  You can do these while holding your baby close to you or out in front of you.  You can also put your baby in a baby carrier and do the squats.  This is my favorite workout.
  • Legs lifts are an easy abdominal exercise that you can do while holding your baby.  If you want to challenge yourself, lift your shoulders off the ground while you lift your legs.  This simple exercise that is easy one for beginners.
  • Doing push-ups with your baby is fun but can get a little difficult because your baby can crawl or walk away.  You can have a lot of fun with this.  I give my son a kiss or tickle before pushing myself back up.  Push-ups help you tone your upper body and make you strong enough to lug around that growing baby.
  • I like to use the baby carrier for lunges but you can also hold your baby.  This is a great leg and butt exercise.  You can do this exercise all the time and you will feel the results the next day.

Once the weather starts to warm up, you can take your baby on walks in the baby carrier or stroller.  You’ll find you have more energy for yourself and your baby if you make time for even short bursts of exercise. Getting moving when you can, will make you feel and look better.

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