High-tech ways to keep your heart healthy

High-tech heart helpers

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Sure, smart phones are fun for games and keeping in touch with your friends, but they can also be the perfect tool for staying on top of your well-being—especially cardiovascular health. Every year, 715,000 people in the United States have a heart attack and 600,000 die from cardiovascular disease. As scary as those numbers are, the risk for heart disease can be greatly reduced with healthy lifestyle changes and a knowledge of risk factors. That’s where these five apps come in. They can help you track your heart health and get you help when you need it.

Stay current with the latest news with the Heart Failure Trials app. It keeps you updated on all the latest clinical trials, medicine and research related to heart health.

Find out if you’re at risk with HeartHealth Mobile, which takes data like your cholesterol levels, weight and whether or not you smoke and gives you a picture of how at-risk you are for cardiovascular disease.

Have high blood pressure? The HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker is the perfect place to store blood pressure readings and look at trends over time. You can also emails the information to your doctor directly from the app.

For a more complete picture of your heart health, the app Healthy Heart 2 lets you monitor blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol, blood glucose levels, medications you take and more.

If something goes wrong, CathMaps+ can find you help, fast. It takes your cardiac history and combines that with an interactive map of Cath Labs around the world (not every hospital has one). That means you can quickly find a hospital that fits your urgent needs no matter where you are.


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