Act like an Olympian

Olympic sports around MichiganDon’t just settle for watching the Winter Olympics on TV. You live in a state full of opportunities to actually do a lot of the same sports as the athletes competing in Sochi. You probably already know where to go downhill skiing, but here are a few of the more unique options available to you:

Ski jump at the Ishpeming Ski Club near Marquette. The main attraction is called Suicide Hill and all you need to try it is guts–the ski club provides coaching and equipment.

Try Curling, the sport that involves sweeping ice to get a stone to stop sliding at the perfect spot, with one of the many clubs around the state. You can find them in Detroit, Lansing and Midland.

Luge is one of the most exciting winter Olympic sports and you can try it yourself at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex. The 850-foot track is one of only four luge courses in the U.S. and for $45 you get to use their equipment and get tips from coaches.

Speed skating is a great way to burn calories on the ice. Learn how through one of the local clubs found around the state.


Photo credit: Ruud Onos



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