Larky: An app to save money on the run

LarkyappHere’s a tough question: How many savings opportunities have you let slip away because you forgot to take advantage of your membership discounts? All too often, we forget to tap into these perks, but the brains behind Larky have a genius idea to help remind you of these discounts before you pull out your wallet.

Mobile app Larky makes it easy to view, search and browse all your discounts in one place, and using your smartphone’s GPS, sends you alerts when you’re near a discount. Larky pulls in discounts you receive through memberships to alumni and professional associations, credit card companies, clubs and museums, and more…including Healthy Blue Xtras!

If you have a Michigan Blues ID card, Larky is an amazing way to remind yourself about opportunities to save at health and wellness retailers across Michigan thanks to Healthy Blue Xtras. Want to join a gym this fall? Ask the team at LA Fitness about the 30-day workout pass available to BCSBM and BCN members. Craving the fresh and flavorful baked goods from Great Harvest Bread Co.? Download Larky and get reminded about discounts before you make your purchase! You can even customize alerts to let it know when you’d like to receive these discount reminders. And let’s not forget, Larky was born right here in Ann Arbor!

Eligible Michigan Blues members can visit the Larky website to sign up or add Healthy Blue Xtras to their existing Larky account if they already have the app. Currently, Larky is available on iPhone – but don’t worry, Android users! An Android version of the app will be available soon, along with a nifty web update that will alert you to discounts when you’re searching or buying online. End the financial forgetfulness and use Larky to remember savings opportunities on-the-go!

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  1. Leanna Bray 2 years ago

    I love saving $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kevin Madison 2 years ago

    I’m on a fixed income and I like to save money