Kids Get Healthy at Comerica Park

Kids Opening Day

There’s something about a child’s smile at a ball game that instantly contagious.

A few weeks ago Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan sponsored Kids Opening Day at Tiger’s Stadium. Over two hundred kids from five different schools and organizations gathered on the field at Comerica Park to run through some exercise drills.

Needless to say I felt lazy standing next to these kids as they did jumping jacks, push ups and a range of physical challenges. Knowing these boys and girls face many obstacles preventing them from living healthy lifestyles, it was encouraging to see them eagerly dash on the field and get right into the exercises.

We posted some great pictures on our Facebook Page, and be sure to take a look at our recap of Kids Opening Day below.

David Murray

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David Murray is the Manager of Social Media for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. He is responsible for overseeing all social media strategies and executions for BCBSM. David is the founder of Social Media Club Detroit, and is a national speaker on digital communications and social media best practices. He has also been featured in Wall Street Journal Online, and David Meerman Scott’s book, The New Rules of PR and Marketing.

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