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The informational airways have shifted from originating out of television, radio, and print to the internet platforms of social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.  When it comes to real-time news and information, it seems that Twitter specifically has surpassed the timeframe that television news can keep up with.  What better way to incorporate your health and wellness than into that social media influx of the fastest trends available.

There are countless Twitter accounts to follow with a focus on health and wellness; however, the list provided here is specific to health and wellness experts in Michigan.  These individuals tweet about health, wellness, fitness, and the like.

These Twitter handles belong to individuals and organizations all over Michigan who use social media, Twitter specifically, to promote their tips, tricks, and way of life.

Who would be on your list of healthy tweeps to follow?

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Kristin Coppens

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Kristin Coppens is responsible for BCBSM coverage of the West Michigan, Northern Michigan, and Upper Peninsula regions. Kristin is a writer, social media enthusiast, and information junkie. A self-proclaimed foodie, techie, and political nerd, she is a dedicated promoter of Grand Rapids community development, urban engagement, arts, healthcare, wellness, supporting and buying local, entrepreneurism, and the city as a whole.
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  1. @drsuzyyhall 3 years ago

    Hi Kristin,
    Introducing myself, Dr. Suzanne Hall, Ob/Gyn, Michigan blogger & ‘Twitter Doctor’ for Women’s Health concerns!
    Check out our fun, new blog @ Gynogroupie.com
    Join us for updates on your female health 🙂