Weekend Hot Links: Solar Interference Edition

Week of March 4-10: The solar flares, captured on video; Motown’s Big Bang of economic development; events across the state mark maple syrup season; the journey of a mighty Great Lakes fish; and inside Southwest Michigan’s roller derby scene.

  • Dan Gilbert’s ‘Big Bang Theory’ for Detroit development (Crain’s)
  • Small-town Pickford swaps recession for reinvention (Second Wave)
  • History of the Lake Sturgeon in Michigan (Absolute Michigan)
  • It’s a Great Season For… Maple Syrup (Great Lakes Gazette)
  • Yes, Southwest Michigan, there really is a roller derby here (Second Wave)

Photo by farlane

Sven Gustafson

About Sven Gustafson

Sven Gustafson is a senior writer in the Office of the President at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. He enjoys food, running, soccer and exploring Detroit and Michigan at large.
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