Weekend Hot Links: Whooping Crane Edition

Week of Oct. 30-Nov. 5: A screening of home movies from yesteryear Detroit; pressures for precious minerals in the U.P.; overlooking Michigan’s culinary assets; recycling bicycles; and endangered cranes visit Jackson.

  • What does ‘Top Chef’ have against Michigan? (MLive)
  • Detroit: If You Build It, Will They Come? (Detroit Lives!)
  • Mining boom roils Upper Peninsula (Bridge)
  • An injection of the past into the present to inform the future (The Night Train)
  • Rare whooping crane spotted in Jackson County; one of less than 500 in the wild (Jackson Citizen Patriot)
  • Not just for riding: Marquette native makes functional furniture from old bikes (Second Wave)

Photo by szatmar666

Sven Gustafson

About Sven Gustafson

Sven Gustafson is a senior writer in the Office of the President at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. He enjoys food, running, soccer and exploring Detroit and Michigan at large.
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